John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast with over 2000 episodes recorded! Here he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who can help all of you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey! He started his entrepreneurial career in 2012 and until 2019 has generated over $16 Million in revenue through his podcasts, while becoming widely regarded as one of the best viral entrepreneur podcasters in the United States. In this quick, rapid-fire interview we talk about his beginnings, discuss the entrepreneurial world today, and answer all of those questions that lead every future entrepreneur into doubt. Enjoy!

00:35 – Favorite podcast questions to ask guests
01:30 – An easy entry point into the entrepreneurial world today
04:50 – “I can’t leave my full time job to be an entrepreneur”
06:20 – “I can’t be an entrepreneur because of too much competition”
07:35 – The most underrated entrepreneur by John
09:10 – Podcasts that inspire the most
09:40 – The future of podcasting
11:30 – A guest that John would be most excited about interviewing
12:25 – Where to find John and his content, and a nice goodbye

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