In this episode I interview John McAfee! John is a legendary computer programmer and businessman, one of the biggest cyber security experts of our time. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987, which created “McAfee”, the first commercial antivirus software. The business now produces a range of enterprise security software, and has become world-famous. John has a big following on Social Media, as he is a political activist, running for president in the 2020 elections with his own campaign, promoting blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
We talk about this in particular, and more, in this short but very colorful and valuable, unique interview, full of wise words and advice for the young entrepreneurs out there. Enjoy!

01:25 – A quick run of John McAfee’s life, through the technological industry and it’s revolutions
03:00 – Why was Microsoft and Bill Gates were so successful, according to John
06:45 – Advice for those out there who are trying to build companies in the crypto space
07:35 – Talking about the world’s first computer virus, from year 1987
12:15 – Fast forwarding to bitcoin and blockchain technologies, and how John heard about those
14:30 – Why this technology is so powerful
18:00 – Talking about timeless, world changing tech opportunities
20:45 – How to mobilize people to understand the problems in front of them
24:00 – Other opportunities to utilize blockchain technologies, like government voting
27:05 – John’s advice to kinds, and young listeners out there

Find John on Twitter by clicking here.