On this podcast we curate a collection of unique minds and perspectives to share what they know in order to provide you with a morsel of Knowledge Without College.

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Adryen Ashley is a best-selling author and speaker, tech entrepreneur as well as an award winning film/TV producer. As a startup advisor and mentor, she uses her wealth of knowledge to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful businesspeople. She advises several blockchain companies and is the founder & CEO of several of her own including: SmartDates, The Billionaire Zombies Club and now Foxies, which we mention during the interview. Talking about her incredible career achievements, I pick her brain about anything NFT & blockchain related, politics, education and how to make our system ‘unfuckwithable’. This is truly an amazing conversation, worthy of our big number 100. Enjoy!

02:25 – Adryenn introduces herself and explains how she got into NFT’s
05:55 – How she stumble upon crypto, and how she saw the future
09:40 – Talking about her turning point, and her first dating app concept including blockchain
20:30 – Smart contract use cases
29:05 – Talking about elections, preventing hacking and human errors with blockchain methods of voting
44:20 – Continuing the story about blockchain, and about COVID-19 mandates and mandates in general
56:45 – Building trust in the government’s system
01:02:00 – Introducing NFT’s and Adryenn’s other app called Foxies
01:08:50 – Patrick explaining Foxies in a nutshell
01:28:45 – Talking about entrepreneurs taking over politics, and evolving our society
01:34:40 – Continuing the politics talk, and how to make our systems ‘unfuckwithable’
01:50:00 – Canada protests, and how they were very effective in a silent way
01:58:15 – Adryenn’s farewell until next time, and where to find here exactly on the internet

Look for her on Twitter here! Check out her upcoming project Foxies here, as well.


Ben Wolf is an entrepreneur, author of the book “Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach”. There was a lot that we reviewed from his book today, including what it means to be a Fractional Executive or a member of a Fractional Leadership, as well as using core values and growth strategies to filter out the best talent from certain groups of individuals. We talked about his career, his transition into the author space, the past, present and future of his company, and so much more. Enjoy!

02:05 – Ben’s personal introduction and short career description
05:40 – Talking about Ben’s legal background and how his switch in profession happened
12:25 – When Ben felt like he could’ve quit everything
20:10 – How Ben’s able to fit into the new trends regarding the corporate world, with Fractional Leadership
34:50 – Building an entity around helping other people, using Fractional Leadership
40:30 – How does he determine his client’s core values, and matching them to the appropriate talent pool
56:15 – Talking about the powerful questions that Ben uses at interview to determine client value
01:04:10 – Working with people issues, versus working with process issues
01:07:05 – What Ben is looking to do in the future, with Fractional Leadership
01:09:35 – Where to find Ben and buy his book, and a friendly goodbye

Look for Ben here, on his personal website.


Sean Kelly is a very young and successful entrepreneur, the founder and creator of Jersey Champs as well as Chibi Dinos. The second one is an NFT project that I myself have invested in, as I believe that Sean is a visionary in this space and someone whose ideas are worth investing time and money in. We talked a lot about how it came to be, and what the future holds for it, as I picked his brains with some rapid-fire questions about his entrepreneurial path, while he shared many details about learning and achieving success similar to what he has done, in detail. Enjoy!

02:30 – Sean’s personal introduction and short career description
03:55 – How he transitioned from the pursuing education, to starting out as an entrepreneur
09:15 – Sean’s introduction to crypto and NFT’s, and being a producer in this space
16:10 – Talking about Axie Infinity and how it became so big
18:30 – How does a 15-hour-day of marketing look like
26:35 – What makes Sean hold onto NFT chips, rather than sell them
32:20 – How Sean and his team determine the road maps
35:30 – Other potential projects and innovations that people are potentially sleeping on
41:20 – Advices to people who are suspicious about NFT’s, and where they can learn new stuff
42:40 – Talking about books and top choices for both speakers
48:00 – Discussing mid and low price, factors that influence this and what could change
50:55 – A secret final advice from Sean, and where to find him online

Look for him on Twitter here!


Alexander Cortes is one of my absolute favorite Twitter personalities, he has a “Doctorate in BroScience, Bro Philosophy, Bronosis”, is a fitness expert and personal trainer, dancer, writer, and solo entrepreneur. In this incredible conversation we speak about his “red pill” moment, how he red pills other people all the time, big social changes and their indications, books, cryptocurrencies and so much more. Enjoy!

02:05 – Who is Alex and what does he do exactly
05:00 – How exactly he came to be an entrepreneur
16:45 – When did Alex gain a picture of his future, regarding school and working
24:30 – How he “red-pilled” people and what that makes him feel
30:50 – The indications that people could see as big social changes right now, and how they should react
40:00 – Talking about “The Sovereign Individual” book and how it hit Alex
55:50 – The benefits and problems of joining and supporting organizations nowadays
01:00:15 – Why should people jump into modern ways of making money using technology
01:07:45 – What excites Alex regarding the future, trends, changes
01:13:30 – How Alex builds his mental framework, books he reads and stuff he uses to learn
01:21:20 – Where to find Alexander, his new course, and a nice and friendly goodbye

Look for Alex on Twitter, or visit her personal page here!


Sam Wouters is a crypto expert and educator, originally from Dutch descent, who works as the Senior Researcher at BLOCKDATA, a company from Amsterdam, Netherlands. As a globally renowned speaker, Sam helps people to understand why Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains exist before eloquently showcasing how they work, and most importantly explaining what can be done with them within both a business and individual context. We tried to keep this conversation very simple, talking about Bitcoin, NFTs and so much more. This Episode was meant as a simple guide for those who have zero knowledge about the matter, but want to dive into it and learn as much as possible, from the ground up. Enjoy!

02:40 – Sam’s personal introduction, talking about how he started out with Bitcoin
09:45 – Educating listeners on how to learn about Bitcoin
12:25 – How he begins explaining to people what it means to invest in Bitcoin
15:15 – Simply explaining blockchains and how Sam explains it to people
22:00 – Where does Sam find motivation to continue his journey
28:00 – Which project excites Sam the most right now
31:45 – Talking about Patrick’s interest in this space, and explaining NFTs
43:05 – What Sam thinks about everybody being available to contribute to NFTs
50:35 – Talking about the key difference in fund raising vs blockchains
55:50 – What is next for Sam, and how he is excited about the future of these technologies
58:30 – Where to find Sam on the Internet, and a friendly goodbye

You can follow Sam on Twitter here!


Col. Terry Virts is a former flight pilot, Space Shuttle pilot, NASA Astronaut and International Space Station commander. He is the author of the book called “How to Astronaut: An Insider’s Guide to Leaving Planet Earth”, as well as “View From Above: An Astronaut Photographs the World”. He also hosts a podcast called “Down to Earth”, speaking with guests about science, politics, business, entrepreneurship, sports and of course SPACE. In this amazing episode we dive into subjects like: factors for a faster space travel evolution, private vs. public space travel, USA and China in terms of education, politics and power, and so much more. Enjoy!

02:10 – Terry’s personal introduction and career description
03:40 – Talking about motivation and how to start off career paths
06:40 – What was it like for Terry to experience the private reemergence of space travel
08:30 – Private vs. public sector being involved with space travel
13:00 – Talking about the separation of civilian and military space
14:05 – More countries coming into the space game, USA vs. China
22:35 – Optimizing education, redesigning the educational system to make productive people
26:10 – Terry’s education experience, and how he connected with NASA
32:30 – How he started a podcast, and talking about the movie he directed
33:30 – Back to space travel, talking about nuclear energy as a factor in evolution
44:20 – Other factors that can be beneficial in evolving space travel in USA
46:15 – How was it like for him, operating flying machines
56:00 – Where to find Terry, his podcast and his book, and a nice goodbye

Check out Terry Virts’s website here, where you can find all of his work mentioned in the Episode!


Arooba Asim (Roobz) is a Twitter personality and author behind the @tishray account that I have been a fan of, for quite some time now. Arooba is also a psychology student, which only contributes to her expressing her fascinating opinions and beliefs about the modern world. We talk about how religion is a very personal, but also very old idea in general, the dualism between modern and classical these days, as well as how the modern society and the Internet force an over-socialized environment onto people, creating hidden, inner voids, and deep scars. Enjoy!

01:55 – Arooba’s short, personal introduction
03:30 – Talking about her Social Media exposure, and her connection with her followers
08:45 – The dualism between the modern and classical these days
15:45 – The guidance of the modern world, and how the internet influences everything
26:05 – How to steer people back to religion, but not force them
31:55 – Talking about how religion is very personal, but also very old as an idea
37:45 – The trio of beauty/esthetics, truth and religion
47:00 – Considering if the modern society and the Internet force a social environment onto people
51:45 – The inner void from over-socializing, and how to define yourself when there is nobody defining you
55:45 – Some final words and a nice goodbye until next time

Check her out on Twitter here!


Les McKeown is the president and CEO of Predictable Success, an adviser on accelerated business growth. He has started more than 40 companies and was the founding partner of an incubation-consulting company that guided hundreds of organizations worldwide. He is also an author, writer of books like “The Synergist” and “Predictable Success”, where he described a system of pattern recognition, diagnosing a company’s ability to grow and to scale from analyzing certain patterns of it. He has a wealth of knowledge to share as he worked with huge names like: T-Mobile, American Express, The US Army, Harvard University, has been featured on NBC, ABC, BBC, CNN, and more. Enjoy!

02:10 – Les’s personal introduction and short career description
10:10 – What caused Les’s startups to succeed, and how he achieved his level of success
21:25 – Talking about method’s of pattern recognition and applying certain patterns in life actions
28:10 – Is it possible for people to “change gears”, so that creators become processors or leaders
31:35 – Asking if Les has encountered some companies/individuals that fall outside of the usual “pattern”
37:40 – Is there always a way to fix the situations when entrepreneurs are stuck, with no success in sight
42:05 – The 7 stage growth aspect in other aspects of life
46:10 – What keeps Les going and what’s next in his career
51:25 – Talking about a program for keeping entrepreneurs connected

Check out Predictable Success right here!


Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is an international keynote speaker. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Technology in Sydney, where he did research how big data, blockchain and AI are changing organizations. He talks about future of work, digital conflicts, and the organization of tomorrow. He is the author of three best-selling management books on big data, blockchain and AI. His latest book “The Organisation of Tomorrow” details how AI, blockchain and analytics turn your business into a data organization. He is the founder of, a leading content platform on emerging technologies. We talk about all of this, as well as, a decentralized, tokenized reputation-based content network to bring (anonymous) accountability to the internet. Look for him on Twitter @VanRijmenam. Enjoy!

02:40 – Mark’s personal introduction
04:20 – Explaining the term “digital twin” and how Mark has made this idea happen
07:55 – Mark’s method for surveying emerging technologies
12:25 – Talking about if the technological revolution is actually good for us, and the future of it
20:40 – Debating digital conflicts, in cryptocurrencies and other technological decentralization solutions
29:10 – What happens if AI learns our ethics, what is ethics, and if AI becomes more ethical than humans
36:45 – Talking about as another one of Mark’s projects, and it’s mission
42:30 – How the big companies and internet rulers can decide what is OK to talk about, what is the truth and what is not
47:25 – Who are the true experts in today’s society, when and how will we be able to maximize the knowledge of our experts
42:00 – Solving digital issues and other problems which Mark is attacking right now
55:10 – Changes and upcoming technologies that Mark is interested in
57:20 – Last words for the audience, where to find Mark and a friendly goodbye

You can visit his personal website here, and find his profile on Twitter here


Jeremy Wayne Tate is the creator of CLT (Classical Learning Test), he is an entrepreneur, literature enthusiast and father of 5 (soon to be 6). CLT is the competitor to SAT and ACT, an online college entrance exam, which assesses English, mathematical, and critical reasoning skills. We talk about his tests being a second choice in a world where his competition is thought to be obligatory (which it is not), as well as how modern colleges provide their students with no applicable and reasonably useful skills, giving them an opportunity only to party and to socialize, and get themselves indebted. We also speak about home schooling, the future of this, and the influence that it can have on modern education. Enjoy!

02:15 – Jeremy’s personal introduction and short intro about CLT
06:00 – The ripple effects of his tests becoming more popular
11:20 – Talking about how and why traditional colleges have deteriorated
13:05 – The disconnect between the cost and the value of education
14:25 – Talking about if Jeremy is trying to impact the financial decisions of colleges
21:05 – Where did Jeremy find the courage to start his journey
23:10 – How does he try to expand the market and what does he offer to students to make them switch to CLT
28:25 – Jeremy talking about the impact of CLT in centralized, private and home schools
35:40 – Home schooling as a more mainstream choice, and home school students are performing
36:50 – Who is designing the tests and what are the factors that identify their test making
41:55 – Talking about CLT becoming potentially stigmatized
44:35 – Final words on the Episode, asks and requests, and where you can hear more from Jeremy

Find more about CLT here, and follow Jeremy on Twitter here.


Richard Koch is a world renowned author, entrepreneur & investor. He has written around 20 books on ideas & business, including the famous “The 80/20 Principle”, which has sold over a million copies. He explains in the book, as well as in this podcast episode, about how to apply the “Pareto principle” on everyday activities, in business and in life. His latest one called “Unreasonable Success and How to Achieve It: Unlocking the Nine Secrets of People Who Changed the World” can only be added to our list of referable literature, already including books written by Richard. This conversation, although short, serves as a storytelling history lesson, spoken in a very open and fun way by one of the great speakers of our time. Enjoy! 

03:45 – Richard tells the story about when he understood that he will achieve success in life
10:50 – Explaining the origin of the 80/20 principle, and its basic meaning
14:25 – Richard portraying his educational path and how he started working, his job at BCG
18:25 – Historical personalities that influenced his reductionist character
25:50 – Explaining Marx’s philosophy and gives us a little history, and literacy class
33:35 – Richard tells us about both of his main principles (strategies) in business and investing
41:00 – His advice on companies who are trying to take over from “the giants”
49:40 – Richard’s heartfelt message and a friendly goodbye, until next time

His personal website can be found here. Look for his books on our Book Club web page, as well. 


Lee Adams is a military veteran, entrepreneur, and an expert in the subject of lucid dreaming. He has been teaching this subject as a mentor and author as well for a few years now. He has an incredible book coming out called “A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Methods for Working with the Deep Dream State” which I highly recommend to check out. We talk about “altering states”, lucid dreaming and what drove him to go down the path of investigating these fascinating subjects. Enjoy!

02:05 – Lee’s personal introduction and career description
04:25 – How Lee came into the space of “altered states”
11:30 – Lee explains lucid dreaming
13:00 – Talking about visitations in dreams, and hallucinations
16:50 – Lee talking about the drive and motivation behind researching lucid dreams
21:15 – The present and the future regarding studies of these subjects
27:20 – How Lee’s course works, and how his mentoring came to be
39:30 – Talking about getting a message in a dream, which you just can’t refuse
44:45 – What evolution path would Lee like to see this subject to take
52:20 – Why dreams are one of the best ways of self reflection
59:05 – Lee’s final words for the audience to finish up, and a friendly goodbye

You can find out more about his personal website here.


Adii Pienaar is a very successful founder and serial entrepreneur. He founded “Cogsy”, “Conversio” and “WooCommerce”. He’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more, and prides himself on the commercial and life profitability values of his businesses. He’s just released his new book “Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success” (January 26th) in which he provides a new perspective for becoming self-aware, recognizing your values, understanding your impact, and how an enriched life and a successful business are not mutually exclusive. Enjoy!

01:55 – Adii’s personal introduction and career story
03:05 – How he landed in the software industry, and why he started out there
05:15 – His first experience of selling his own product
07:40 – The first instance of risk in creating a product of your own
11:30 – The key elements that need to occur in order to succeed
15:35 – Talking about what it takes to start a business, and the right motivation behind it
19:00 – How does family help, and it can give you the best motivation to start a business
25:10 – How Adii started writing and the different tools and rituals associated with writing
33:10 – The books Adii recommends, and that influenced him the most
39:35 – Other areas that Adii explores, including religion, mindfulness and other
45:00 – Talking about special words, that he found extra benefitial for his life
55:15 – Adii’s future and what lies ahead of him in 2021
59:15 – Where to find Adii, and a friendly goodbye

His personal website can be found here. Look for his book on our Book Club web page, soon. 


Danny Miranda is the creator and host of The Danny Miranda Podcast (top 1.5% podcast in the world), as well as a very influential Twitter personality, a public speaker and motivator. He enjoys writing, reading, meditating, having conversations, walking and lifting weights, as well as implementing all of these things into making a better and more complete, optimistic life for himself. We talk about how he started his podcast, his goals for it, and dive into his personal life habits and routines that he goes through to achieve success in everything that he does. Enjoy!

01:25 – Danny’s personal introduction and what he does
03:50 – How his 13 year old self started writing, and understanding time management
06:30 – Why the two speakers started their podcasts and how they came to be
12:55 – His podcast guest-setup, and the favorite questions he asks his guests
17:20 – His pre-podcast rituals
19:05 – What are Danny’s goals with the podcast and what he would like to achieve
23:45 – The advice he would give his old self, before starting the podcast
24:55 – The biggest challenge with doing what he does, and how to get over it
28:35 – His goals for 2021/22
30:10 – Talking about doing the “75 Hard” program
36:15 – Systems vs. goals
41:20 – Danny’s engagement on Social media, and how he does it
47:35 – Talking about his Twitter profile, and how it’s important to use the right labels
50:30 – Danny sharing a personal life advice from his uncle, and why he asked him in the first place
55:10 – His nearest future plans, what he plans to do with the podcast
56:00 – Danny’s advice for the audience, and a friendly goodbye until next time

You can find more about Danny here, and please listen to his advice (at the end of the episode) if you need his help and motivation.


Quintus Curtius is the pen name of writer and translator George Thomas. He is an MIT graduate, a marine veteran as well as an expert in law. He currently is the managing partner of a law firm focusing on bankruptcy and criminal defense. But all of this is not our subject, as he started writing and translating ancient texts a bit late in his career while becoming very well known for it. Now, he has published original, annotated translations of several important ancient books. In addition to this he has published three collections of essays that focus on moral, ethical, and historical topics. A great conversation, one I will most certainly remember and possibly recreate in the future. Enjoy!

02:00 – A short introduction from Quintus, describing his career path
06:00 – How and when he started translating ancient texts
15:10 – Talking about what gives Quintus the connection to these ancient texts, what motivates him
27:20 – We don’t really have leadership nowadays, they don’t shine so bright as they used to
31:40 – Talking about the alternate ways of education that are coming through during the pandemic
39:10 – A connection between Patrick and Quintus via Boston origins, where they both grew up
42:45 – Talking about solar, and other alternative sources of energy, and their future in America
46:25 – Explaining the word ‘virtue’ and traditionally what it means
53:10 – Talking about what young men face, without a right choice and meaning in life
55:10 – Importance of big names, individuals, role models that impact(ed) the world as it is nowadays
01:00:10 – Where to find Quintus Curtius, and a nice goodbye for now

More information about Quintus can be found here!


Andrew Tate is an American-British kickboxer from Chicago, Illinois, who competes in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. He is a multiple kickboxing world champion and the “Enfusion Live” champion. He is the son of the late chess master Emory Tate, a very well known chess player who won the US Armed Forces championship three times and defeated several grandmasters during his career. Andrew also works as a commentator for Real Xtreme Fighting, the largest MMA promotion in Romania, where he currently resides. He is a multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, investor and life coach. We talk about his career, his many different, so amazing, unique career paths, as he spreads knowledge about how he achieved the success, and how you can achieve the same. And yes, you might end up wanting to have 15 passports afterwards… Enjoy!

01:35 – Andrew’s personal introduction and a short intro about his career path
03:45 – Discipline, self-discipline and pushing to the limits
08:55 – How to introduce discipline to young people, and how they are served content to enhance slavery
11:50 – You’re never tired when you’re winning
14:10 – Where is the right line between celebrating and bragging, and how inspirational can celebrating be
18:45 – Talking about private networks and censorizing nowadays
22:40 – People becoming location-independent, and his lifestyle in Romania
27:55 – What fighting did for Andrew, and how he did it
31:10 – Maintaining American ideals of freedom, not related to the location of living
35:50 – How a group of people can, with enough disruption, change things around in the world
44:20 – What’s his next move, and what Andrew can conquer next
47:50 – How ancient wars, fighting over territory is the same as people trying to make a fortune nowadays
51:45 – Everyone knows something you don’t, you never know it all
53:25 – What does the future look like for the War Room, and what it can do by going SMALL
56:55 – Where to find Andrew Tate on the internet, and understand what he is doing in real life

Look for more information about Andrew and what he does, right here!


Tony Moss is a visual and recording artist, event producer, combining a number of fascinating topics including psychedelics, art, spirituality and science.  He is also the founder of I.AM.LIFE, a non-profit event production project focused on inter- connectivity. His work is a synthesis of passions in all of the above, with emphasis on the evolution of human consciousness and potential. With over 25 years of experience with “plant medicine” work, he is an enthusiastic public advocate for the decriminalization and responsible use of all plant medicines. Enjoy!

01:50 – Tony’s personal introduction and a short story about his career path
05:20 – Talking about how Tony was a pioneer in the ongoing, “psychedelic renaissance” campaign
10:15 – Not spending time on higher education, in order to use this time in a more productive manner
16:50 – Following your true motivations, and what makes you come alive and ignoring the system’s way for you
19:45 – Having a “tribe” available to you, having that group to fit into, that makes things easier
26:25 – Talking about how the people are starting to recognize the country and the nature, for what it actually is
31:55 – Being able to break out of the “left” or “right” way of thinking, and how psychedelics help
40:00 – Agreeing how we can see clear signs of mental illness everywhere around us, and talking about why
52:40 – Shifting focus to the future, and his thoughts on what will happen regarding the “psychedelic renaissance”
59:05 – Where and how to find Tony and his work on the internet, and a nice goodbye until next time

More information about Tony Moss can be found here!


Chrisman Frank is the co-founder and CEO of Synthesis School. His project is like the “Ender’s game” for education, where they scale the best ideas from Ad Astra, a school that one of his co-founders and friends built with Elon Musk, for his kids, to get a better and more interactive education, focusing on problem solving and finding better and more innovative ways of teaching kids. We talk about this subject, about education in general and what this new idea can offer to people versus the more traditional schooling systems, especially during home schooling and the pandemic. This was an amazing, very open and relaxed conversation, and a great way to start off 2021. Enjoy!

02:00 – A warm welcome and Chrisman’s personal introduction
05:25 – The first response to his schooling project, and how the kids are taking it now
09:15 – How does the program work, for those who want to enroll right now
16:50 – Talking about the actual educational system, and what can be made better
19:55 – Startup alternatives, and how online schools can help you learn more and in a better way
25:10 – Talking about the issues with getting the program to be wide-spread
29:10 – “Ender’s game” and how Chrisman’s program is much like this idea
36:45 – There is a limit to what you can teach “by force”, and talking about imagination
41:55 – What drives Chrisman to keep doing his work, where does he find his motivation
52:15 – Where to find Chrisman, his work and some final words as a pleasant goodbye


Dr. Gary Laderman is Goodrich C. White professor and chair of the religion department at Emory University, as well as the author of books like “Don’t Think About Death: A Memoir on Mortality”, and “Sacred Matters: Celebrity Worship, Sexual Ecstasies, the Living Dead, and Other Signs of Religious Life in the United States”. He has also co-edited two encyclopedias. Dr. Laderman has been interviewed on various topics in American religious cultures, ranging from death and funerals to horror films and psychedelics, in a variety of media, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and other newspapers, several radio and TV shows. He is continuing to research, write, and teach on the sacred in American life generally, and is currently working on a book project exploring religion and drugs, a subject we talk about in detail during this conversation. Enjoy!

02:00 – Dr. Laderman’s introduction and short career story
01:55 – Where did the interest for the topic of death come out from, for Dr. Laderman
10:00 – Talking about different ways that people confront dying, rituals that come with it
11:35 – How different cultures maintain certain relationships with the dead
13:55 – Talking about his two books, the stories that they tell, and how they influenced readers
23:20 – Touching on the subject of being spiritual but not religious
26:00 – Making the connection between religion, death and psychedelic experiences
34:05 – How and when his interest for the subject developed over time
36:10 – Talking about how accepting and allowing psychedelics, can make religious consequences
39:45 – How the COVID situation has impacted people in these ways, and his teachings about death
46:15 – What are the rituals in life which we use to remain in some “order”, like drinking coffee every morning
52:25 – Bringing science into the equation
59:55 – Dr. Laderman’s current focus and what comes next in his career
01:12:45 – A friendly goodbye until the next time

Some information about Dr. Laderman can be found here, and look for his books on our book club page!


Brian Muraresku graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University with a degree in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit, as an alumnus of Georgetown Law and a member of the New York Bar, he has been practicing law internationally for fifteen years. In 2016, Muraresku became the founding executive director of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. Their work has been featured on CNN and ESPN, as well as The Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle. He is also the New York Times Best Selling author of “The Immortality Key: the Secret History of the Religion with No Name” book, which we talk about in detail during this interview. Enjoy!

02:00 – Brian’s personal introduction and short bio description
03:30 – Where is the connection between all of his professions
05:30 – Talking about how much, and why exactly, knowing and exploring languages matters
08:10 – The level of understanding of the world around them, which people from ancient civilizations had
10:05 – Talking about what we know, and what we don’t know, about ancient civilizations
12:25 – Where, how and when, Brian’s idea for his book first came to be
17:10 – A real, personal experience that psychedelics gave people of religion, in the ancient times versus now
21:05 – Talking about psychedelic experiences in the ancient pagan civilizations
23:30 – Why did civilizations decide to destroy these religions, and how/if they formed a team at any time
28:30 – Brian’s talks about his experiences with psychedelics, and if there were any
31:25 – How the Western civilizations and psychedelic are interweaving in the modern society
34:00 – The thrill of discovery of new experiences and new information about ancient times for Brian
36:40 – What is Brian’s system, his method for picking apart this ancient literature
38:35 – How people started to believe in Brian, that he’s the right man to analyse these ancient scripts/books
42:05 – What excites Brian the most about his area of interest
44:25 – Where and how would dramatic effort change this industry, and help people like Brian do their job
46:00 – Talking about this initiative, who leads it and where it could be incubated in the near future
51:40 – What his next chapter is, what he is going to do next, and a nice goodbye

Look for his book on our Book Club page soon, and his personal website is right here!


Jennifer Shahade is a two-time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion and has the FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster. She is also a speaker, host, author and PokerStars Ambassador, as well as the Program Director at US Chess Women. Jennifer is passionate about female empowerment and creative work around the games she loves most. She is the author of “Chess Bitch” and “Play Like a Girl”, books that aim to bring more females into the game. Jennifer is also a commentator and streamer on Twitch at She hosts the US Chess Championships, the Grand Chess Tour and the award winning “Ladies Knight” and “The GRID” podcasts. Her second podcast won the Global Poker Award
for the best poker podcast in the World in 2020! Enjoy!

02:30 – Jennifer’s personal introduction and short career description
04:15 – Talking about her journey, coming into chess
07:10 – Why women would feel less comfortable playing pro chess, than men
10:20 – The wonderful escape that chess is, in learning how to focus
12:20 – Meditation and focusing on one thing only
20:20 – Talking about her side projects regarding chess and poker
25:30 – What she likes about the chess information space
31:20 – Is it better to teach kids how to think, then what to think, and how chess helps
34:10 – Jennifer’s thoughts on schooling during the pandemic
42:35 – Talking about the feedback she got from people who discovered chess
47:50 – Jennifer talks about what she has planned for the near future
50:40 – Her poker podcast and how she picks her guests
54:30 – Where to find her online, and how to contact her exactly

Find out more about Jennifer from her personal website here!


Xander Smith is a digital, 3D artist and concept designer. He currently works as the Lead Artist at Aliza Technologies. He has worked on a number of amazing projects, including: American Horror Story, Aquaman, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Star Wars: The Mandalorian. We talked about his career, his company Aliza Technologies and how it came to be, as well as their most interesting concept which is combining Deep Learning with 3D Design, making surreal 3D models, and some general subjects on this matter like virtual reality, deep fakes, and more. A very friendly and open conversation, one that we will surely repeat in the future. Enjoy!

01:55 – Xander’s personal introduction and short career description
05:55 – Talking about his biggest projects and how these opportunities came to be
07:50 – How it all works, in the 3D artwork + Machine Learning combination
12:20 – How to distinguish “deep fakes” from the real animations
15:00 – What are the mission statements, the principles of his company: Eliza Technologies
20:45 – Talking about working with virtual reality, and what that can bring to the table
27:05 – Are we entering a time, where there is enough accessibility for the creator to make it happen ?
33:10 – What are some revolutionary technological steps, that could change his work dramatically
37:35 – Talking about his digital store, and how that came to be
41:25 – What/Who defines something as authentic, and the value that knock-offs have
48:55 – What Xander is working on right now, and a little look into his upcoming projects
52:40 – What truly is, and how people can get involved
55:40 – Where to find him, and a friendly goodbye

Looking for Xander’s work ? You can find it here.


Lev Osipovich Alburt is a chess Grandmaster, writer and coach. He is a former three-time U.S. chess champion, three-time Ukrainian champion and former European team champion, as well as one of the most sought-after chess teachers in the world. Lev did not prefer the communist system and came over from Russia to the U.S. in 1979, at a time when it was extremely dangerous to do so. Once in the U.S., he reunited with his old teacher, I.M. Roman Pelts, who had smuggled out the secret lesson plans that had produced Soviet world-dominance in chess for three decades. The two got to work, and very quickly, Lev began to publish what was to become the best-selling and highly praised Comprehensive Chess Course. In 2004, he was awarded the title of FIDE Senior Trainer. He is still teaching today, online as well. Enjoy!

02:15 – Lev Alburt’s personal introduction and short career description
13:30 – What influenced, inspired his system of understanding things around him better
23:55 – The difference between the tools Lev had in his youth while learning chess, versus nowadays
28:30 – How The Cold War and the political atmosphere, influenced chess and Lev’s career at the time
39:30 – How Lev took his skills in teaching, and applied them in other realms of business
53:20 – Critical advice and guidelines from Lev, that young up-and-coming chess players need to hear
56:50 – Where to find Lev, his website, and how to reach him

Interested in finding out more about Lev ? Check out his website here!


Stephon Alexander is an award-winning theoretical cosmologist, professor of physics at Brown University and the president of the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP). He is also a science advisor for Disney, and author of “The Jazz Of Physics”, known for blending the worlds of theoretical physics and jazz music. Dr. Alexander was also born in Trinidad, but moved to the United States when he was eight. We talk about his interest for physics and science in general, how that came to be, and how his revolutionary idea of blending music and science together, and creating an unexpected link between those elements, has changed the views of many on how physics is perceived. We also talk exclusively about his upcoming book, called “Fear Of A Black Universe”. Enjoy!

02:00 – Dr. Alexander’s introduction and short career description
05:40 – How did he go back into the nature of reality with physics
12:00 – Talking about the idea of creating a parallel between physics, nature and jazz
23:20 – Anything that would radically disrupt or reshape our ability to understand things
31:20 – What is the overall leaning of physicists, in regards to religion and religious ideas
40:05 – Potential changes, and where the field of physics needs to go in the next few years
44:10 – Talking about Stephon’s future work and his new book, “Fear Of A Black Universe”
49:10 – A message to the fans, what to think about after this Episode
50:40 – Where to find him and his work, on the Internet

Look for his books on our book club page, very soon!


Maurice Ashley is an international chess grandmaster, chess commentator and analyst. Through his love for chess, he not only made history as the first African-American Grandmaster in the game, but he has managed to translate his love to other similar activities, as a three-time national championship coach, author, ESPN commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor and motivational speaker. Travelling the world as an ardent spokesperson of the many character building effects of chess, Maurice consults with universities, schools, chess clubs, executives and celebrities on how chess principles and strategies can be applied to improve business practices and assist with personal growth. We talk about his passion for the game, the wisdom and knowledge that he found within, and why it is so important to educate younger generations and make them think about their future, instead of just their present. Enjoy!

01:35 – Maurice’s personal introduction and some career background
03:40 – What made Maurice obsessed with chess
07:00 – How he became a grand master, world-class chess player
10:20 – Does everyone have equal access to content, to be able to learn ?
13:05 – Did the difficult path make the goal so much sweeter
15:10 – Which books he would recommend, that have big value in chess
18:20 – Certain patterns which the great champions had
21:20 – What Maurice implemented and how, to elevate his game
28:15 – The importance of listening to the other side’s perspective, and being open to change
35:20 – Maurice talking about retrograde analysis in chess, in his TED Talk
37:55 – The benefits of focusing on the future, instead of the past, and Tim Ferris challenging Maurice
41:35 – What to expect from Maurice in the near future, and talking about educating children about science and scientists
48:30 – Why the impact regarding this needs to happen today, and Maurice’s incredible story regarding this
56:35 – Where to find Maurice, as well as his new app about teaching chess

A link to his personal website can be found here!


Amy Emerson is the Chief Executive Officer at the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), a non-profit organization. As the Chief Executive Officer, Amy has led the growth and development of this new subsidiary and is responsible for overall global regulatory strategy and implementation of research programs with a focus on the MDMA-assisted psychotherapy program within MAPS PBC. In this conversation we talk about her journey, and how she became one of leaders of MAPS’s mission, about her past, her present and future. Tune in to hear more about the association, and how you can contribute to their amazing work. Enjoy!

01:30 – Amy’s introduction and MAPS summarization
06:50 – Talking about what they were up against, when the company was starting out 6 years ago
11:20 – How the internet has affected the MAPS mission nowadays
15:00 – How the feedback drove different actions and opened chapters for them
21:35 – Talking about phases in the studies and where they are now regarding those
24:00 – Making a timeline on the drug approval, and where they thought they would be now
25:45 – What will the impact look like, when the drug is widely accessible
30:15 – What schematic trauma is, and how to handle it
35:00 – Talking about the people who can perform treatment for this, and how many MAPS has right now
42:10 – The big and serious issue that the technological revolution, including Social Media trauma has on kids
44:40 – How to find the right path regarding post traumatic experiences, for yourself and your own family
54:20 – The biggest hurdles to get over, in order to deploy the drugs and gift solutions to the public
58:20 – The life trauma, and Amy’s last advice to how people can contribute

Find out more about MAPS on their official website here!


Marcin Jakubowski is the founder of Open Source Ecology, an open, collaborative  network of farmers, engineers, architects and supporters, whose main goal is the eventual manufacturing of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) including the 50 most important industrial machines, which would take to build a small civilization with modern comforts. Marcin talks about founding the company and materializing his idea of complete off-grid living. In this very interesting Episode, we talk about open-sourcing, off-grid housing solutions, solar and nuclear power, and go into scientific details of how and why you should think about switching to independent energy production. Enjoy!

01:55 – Marcin’s introduction and basic career info
03:05 – His background and initial motivation to create Open Source Ecology
07:10 – How Marcin came to America and how exactly everything began
10:55 – The ultimate vision of how open source technologies can be available to people
18:50 – How to deliver materials and resources to the people in self-sustaining environments
25:20 – How his idea of module-base design, allows individuals to create Lego-like machines
28:00 – Marcin and Patrick talking in detail, about his off-grid, modular house, and this project in general
40:40 – Talking about ‘The living machines’ and other biological ways of bioremediation
43:55 – Battery energy, classes of energy, and saturated water
46:00 – Talking about nuclear energy and it’s potential for the future
54:00 – What people can do, or how people can help to get involved with Open Source Ecology
56:55 – Final words about open-source productivity, and a message to the fans

Find out more about Marcin’s company (OSE) on their website here!


Joel Salatin is the most famous farmer in America. Joel, owner of “Polyface Farm” in Swoope, Virginia, where he advocates the philosophy of farming, while emphasizing healthy grass on which animals can thrive in a symbiotic cycle of feeding, is also a lecturer and author with his latest book “Beyond Labels: A Doctor and a Farmer Conquer Food Confusion One Bite at a Time” just being published. He is also a very well known public speaker, and calls himself a ‘Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer’. We debated orthodoxy versus heresy, talked about the pandemic and the repercussions of it on modern day urban living, and more in this incredible Episode of KWC Podcast. Enjoy!

02:05 – Who is Joel Salatin and what is his job
03:00 – How and when Joel started ‘going against the grain’ with organic farming
04:40 – His passion about anything deinstitutionalized
13:10 – The eclectic nature of farmers, and the value of practical knowledge
21:40 – How Polyface Farm is organized in a natural life cycle, and the importance of people-centric values
27:50 – People letting big corporations choose their relationship and skill pathways
39:20 – How it is so unfortunate today, to create experiences for children, as well as older people, that create character
44:15 – Orthodoxy vs heresy, and how do you instill values in people to understand where their focus should be
48:10 – People understanding regular circumstances, now during the pandemic like after World War II
53:50 – How nature has a schematic to every system and how it, when utilized properly, can make true harmony
57:00 – Mutual gratitude for the work of them both
58:05 – Talking about Joel’s newest book, and where to find his work

Check out Joel’s personal website here, and his farm’s website here!


Raghunath Cappo is a musician, vocalist and member of the punk/hardcore band called Youth of Today, which championed the principles of clean living, vegetarian diet, and self-control, as well as one of the creators of Revelation Records, his own indie record label. After this, his path took him on a spiritual quest, as he became a monk while learning the philosophy of yoga and how to practice and teach it. We talk about all of this and more in this incredible interview, including conversations about the educational system and outside schooling, his own podcast and how that came to be, and how we take the ‘personal’ out of spiritual beings, and beings in general. Enjoy!

01:30 – Raghunath’s introduction and career path
05:10 – Talking about his punk band and punk-movement, and channeling energy productively, positively
09:40 – Raghunath’s college experience and why he wasn’t more interested in it
13:40 – Talking about student loans and the cost of education
17:50 – The backward orientation of the system, regarding financial and mental health
20:10 – How much advertisement and screen-time can affect our attention, our lives
24:15 – Raghunath talking about how outside schooling for kids can help them grow healthy
26:05 – How phone-down time settles your mind
28:30 – What is the goal of schooling and what kids actually get from it
30:00 – How far south have we gone with the avant-garde movements
31:10 – The exposure, support that Internet gives to these people
34:40 – Talking about true-crime podcasts
37:15 – Raghunath’s own podcast, what it’s all about and how he created it
44:00 – The trajectory of Raghunath’s career in the near future, and how it can evolve
48:05 – What we hate in this world, and how we can help annihilate hatred, as spiritual beings
53:20 – Where to find Raghunath and how to get in touch with him

You find out more by visiting his Instagram account here, or his personal website here!


John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast with over 2000 episodes recorded! Here he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs who can help all of you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey! He started his entrepreneurial career in 2012 and until 2019 has generated over $16 Million in revenue through his podcasts, while becoming widely regarded as one of the best viral entrepreneur podcasters in the United States. In this quick, rapid-fire interview we talk about his beginnings, discuss the entrepreneurial world today, and answer all of those questions that lead every future entrepreneur into doubt. Enjoy!

00:35 – Favorite podcast questions to ask guests
01:30 – An easy entry point into the entrepreneurial world today
04:50 – “I can’t leave my full time job to be an entrepreneur”
06:20 – “I can’t be an entrepreneur because of too much competition”
07:35 – The most underrated entrepreneur by John
09:10 – Podcasts that inspire the most
09:40 – The future of podcasting
11:30 – A guest that John would be most excited about interviewing
12:25 – Where to find John and his content, and a nice goodbye

Check out John’s podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire right here!


Marcus Whitney is the CEO and founder of Health: Further, a strategic advisory firm working with leading healthcare organizations, as well as the founding partner of Jumpstart Health Investors, the most active venture capital firm in America focused on innovative healthcare companies. In his entrepreneurial career, he has founded two innovative companies in the healthcare space, exited a tech marketing company, and co-owns Nashville’s new Major League Soccer team. In his new the book “Create and Orchestrate: The Path to Claiming Your Creative Power from an Unlikely Entrepreneur”, he demystifies much of what keeps people from pursuing entrepreneurship and explains why it’s the only vocation that allows you to control your time by using your creativity. Enjoy!

01:30 – Marcus’s introduction and background, how and when he became an entrepreneur
03:10 – What event helped Marcus decide that he wants to become an entrepreneur
06:45 – Talking about dropping out of college, and how easily people decide to do that nowadays
13:30 – Why Marcus decided to move to Nashville
15:20 – How and when Marcus ended up in the healthcare industry
20:00 – Talking about the competition in the healthcare business space at the time of Marcus’s arrival
23:40 – What things Marcus looks for, while searching for companies to fund
29:15 – How the process continues, after he picks a company it’s founders to help develop
33:35 – If Marcus accepted some opportunities after declining them initially
35:40 – Advice that is particularly effective in trying to find sponsors and investors
38:50 – Talking about Marcus’s book, and his TEDx talk in Nashville
43:55 – The process of writing and releasing his book, over the course of 5 years
49:20 – Talking Marcus’s short and long-term future
52:20 – His advice for young up-and-coming entrepreneurs
53:40 – Where to find Marcus and a nice goodbye

Check out his personal website where you can find everything from the Episode, by clicking here!


Sol Brah is physical spiritualist, nature enthusiast and aesthetic curator. I have to say that I first noticed Sol Brah by following his very interesting Twitter account, and discovering many cool stories and posts about physical health, wellness and mental health. We do talk about the overpowering influence of Social Media, Internet and spending too much time using phones in this Episode, but nevertheless this is still the easiest way of connecting with each other. Connect with us by listening to this Episode, and learning many new things, as I did. Enjoy!

01:30 – Sol Brah’s introduction and how his career first started
08:15 – Trusting and following a trusted voice on Social media
11:35 – Talking about how good it is to remedy health situations naturally
18:50 – How wrong every-day-routines (artificial light) can make us feel bad, without us noticing it
23:20 – Identifying your own health state and “measuring” the moods you are having
28:35 – Building additional habits off of one good habit
31:35 – Talking about how processed foods are affecting our body, especially vegetable oil, sugar, etc.
43:25 – Going against guidelines, now and in the future
54:30 – Internet and Social media influencing mental health in general, checking phones all the time
01:04:45 – The transition to electronic versions of all content
01:08:45 – To be able to brake out of the over-commercialized world, is to be able to focus on things
01:12:10 – Where to find Sol Brah and his content, his final words for the audience

Look for Sol Brah on Social Media pages, and check out his personal website here!


Joshua Lisec is the founder of The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC, Ohio’s first Certified Professional Ghostwriter, a multiple time #1 International Bestselling Ghostwriter, a Forbes Contributor ghostwriter, a TEDx speaker, a leading authority on author voice authenticity, and a two-time published novelist. Since 2011, he has ghostwritten forty books. In this episode we talk about ghostwriting in general, how Joshua successfully runs his company using software, data based models, numeric analysis, great marketing and most importantly his incredible writing talents to make his dream come true. Enjoy!

02:25 – Joshua’s personal introduction
03:30 – How Joshua writes his books
09:45 – Talking about how to read a book more effectively
16:35 – Joshua explaining his value as an author and what he has to offer/gain
21:30 – How Joshua can improve his business while ghostwriting for others
22:45 – Talking about “stylometric analysis”, as a software based ghostwriting method
28:00 – How Joshua does his marketing, and his plans on marketing in the near future
30:15 – The strategy and numeric analysis of Joshua’s business, and how he models his business
33:20 – Influences and clients that helped him shape his business
34:30 – What makes him different from other ghostwriters
41:00 – Joshua’s 10x factors that could change the industry in the future
45:35 – A few final advises and suggestions to young entrepreneurs
47:30 – How and where to find Joshua, and the best way to contact him


Ben Wolff is the Chairman and CEO of the leading global robotics company, Sarcos Robotics. Wolff previously served on the board of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), and is currently a member of the Board of Visitors of Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Sarcos Robotics is revolutionizing the future of work across the private and public sectors through its advanced line of robotic products that augment, rather than replace, humans. By combining the intelligence, instinct, and judgment of humans with the strength, endurance, and precision of machines, the result is a workforce that is not only safer but significantly more productive. We talk about their technology, it’s practical application in our everyday lives, as well as in the military and other industries, and what it could bring for us in the near- and distant future. Enjoy!

02:00 – Ben’s introduction and the introduction of Sarcos Robotics
04:30 – How and when the company started off, and how it evolved over time
06:50 – Increasing human efficiency, without replacing humans
09:25 – First generations of Sarcos’s robots, versus the future generations
13:55 – Talking power and breakthrough changes that could re-write the robotics industry
19:25 – How their robot takes information from the human body
21:00 – Talking about industries where their technology could make the most changes
26:20 – Military application of Sarcos Robotics’s technology, and everyday efficiency increase
33:40 – People working longer, and better in every way with the aid of robotics
34:50 – Goals for deploying this technology in the near future
37:25 – Dystopian fears, regarding future and the reality of artificial intelligence
41:05 – What the company needs, regarding human resources to move forward
44:40 – Are the US experts enough for our current needs ?
– 45:10 – Core values and principles that Sarcos builds around
47:00 – The companies pledge, and when it came to be
48:25 – Final words from Ben and how to find out more about Sarcos Robotics

Check out more about their company here.


Jack Murphy is an author, Podcast host, a Twitter professional as well as the founder of the “Liminal Order”, an exclusive men’s organization whose mission is to change our culture by changing ourselves. We talk about this organisation, how it came to be and how it grew over the past couple of years. We also elaborate on some interesting terms, like: healthy information, information militia, continuous media division, and more. While speaking about self-improvement and charity goals that Jack has in plan in the future, we wrap up this short, but very interesting episode of our “weekly open and relaxed conversation”. Be sure to follow him on Twitter, and check out his personal website to find out more about everything mentioned in this Episode. Enjoy!

02:20 – Jack’s intro and some personal information
08:05 – Talking about Jack starting the “Liminal Order”, and why a new beginning was needed
17:30 – The forgotten need to survive in any way, and why an existential crisis is such a shock to us today
20:50 – The effect of continuous media division on our unifying experience
26:05 – Ways of curating healthy information
28:20 – Talking about “information militia” as a term, and how it came to be
38:00 – Opening a “corona room”, and talking about how the virus impacted his work right now, and in the future
42:15 – Talking about the value of meeting in person, and how to build a powerful social media network
50:45 – Self-improvement, charity goals, and interests in doing more charity in the future
53:15 – How and where to find out more about Jack and his work
54:10 – Jack’s book, and a couple of sentences about it, and a nice goodbye

Check out more about Jack Murphy and his work here, and look for his book on our Book Club page!


Dr. Patrick Moore is the founding member and former President and Director of Greenpeace International. He is an environmental and climate expert, focusing on rational environmentalism. Dr. Moore is also an author, as his book “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout” is another one we highly recommend reading. We talk about climate change, plastic pollution, nuclear energy and more, as Dr. Moore debunks the theories of what exactly and in what manner pollutes our seas and oceans, and what radical changes to the industry will (not) bring to the environment. Of course, the impact of the coronavirus on the environment is another subject of this conversation. It’s been an honor, and a privilege to do our “weekly open and relaxed conversation” with Mr. Moore, as I’m sure you will enjoy this one very much. Stay safe. Enjoy!

02:25 – Patrick Moore shares his background and personal history
12:05 – Talking about plastic pollution, and the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”
18:35 – Patrick explains how animals use the plastic/wood floating around in the water, as homes
23:25 – Talking about the level of regulation, and how it can go wrong
29:10 – Is the sea level going to rise, anyhow in the future ?
33:40 – The profit in preaching disaster, where there is no drama to be preached
37:40 – Talking about homelessness, and the impact of the coronavirus on homeless people
38:50 – Concerns about social distancing, it’s time lapse, and overregulation
42:15 – Patrick Moore explains ‘combustible waste’
46:15 – Talking about nuclear energy as a solution
51:10 – Is a higher-heat environment, more dangerous than a lower-heat one
55:50 – Talking about the “Paris Climate Agreement” and politics in general according to climate change
61:30 – Mentioning the concept of ‘seasteading’
01:02:55 – How green-house gas works
01:08:10 – Who stands to gain from the environmental policies
01:15:45 – Patrick talks about his new book
01:18:45 – Where to find Patrick Moore online

You can find Patrick on Twitter here, and his personal website here.


John McAfee comes back to our Podcast, this time joined by his wonderful wife Janice, as they help us make our first ever two-guest Episode. You have already met John and been fascinated by his open mindedness, illustrative, colorful and extremely precise expressions and stories. This is why today, we catch up on what happened in the World since our last conversation, and there is so much to mention. We talk about politics, the 2020 elections and how the health crisis will affect them, the coronavirus pandemic and how it has- and will influence everything around us for years to come as Janice and John, a 74 year old, give us their opinion on how countries around the World have (miss)behaved on this matter. A big thank you to the McAfee’s for this incredibly interview, and we wish you all to stay safe. Enjoy!

02:00 – John going on a spree of shows, and appearing on independent media platforms
03:50 – His intention going on the libertarian debates
04:55 – Janice and John McAfee presenting their predictions for the 2020 elections
11:45 – A conversation about the quarantine situation, and how it effects the elections
15:25 – Talking about unemployment in the USA
18:55 – Potential repercussions for irresponsible countries
20:40 – How deadly the virus is really ?
25:30 – The effect of the coronavirus on new and old diseases
27:10 – The pandemic coming back, as a seasonal virus
32:20 – Talking Boris Johnson as a prime minister being in a hospital, and other sick(or healthy) celebrities
36:35 – The liability of politicians for the deaths of their citizens
39:30 – Is there a group of people or party that gains the most out of this situation
42:45 – Is the China really to blame ?
48:20 – Janice and John’s last words, and a pleasant goodbye to the fans


Zoltan Istvan is an American transhumanist, journalist, entrepreneur and futurist. He is running as a Libertarian to become the next Vice President of the United States of America. Zoltan is a tech-guru, best-selling author and a popular media figure discussing science and technology in general, everywhere he appears. Today, we discuss the current situation regarding the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and the crisis that has been going on for weeks. We also talk about the influence that better decision making, better tech solutions, and better investing would have made; about UBI and much more. This is our second interview with Zoltan, so feel free to check out the first one and definitely support his campaign, on his website and everywhere else. Enjoy!

02:50 – How this situation would’ve been better, easier, using better technology
06:15 – Talking about the current technological solutions, used in defense against the coronavirus
08:40 – The lack of response in the government, being exposed right now
10:45 – Zoltan talking about investment strategies from his presidential campaigns, regarding existential risk
13:10 – More about new, potential technological solutions against existential risk
16:50 – Did our sense of privacy completely die, and how this is influencing the existential crisis now
18:05 – Zoltan’s motive behind running for president
21:45 – Talking about sources that could inspire, and emphasize the importance of science
23:40 – The rise of transhumanism in these difficult, but waking times
24:40 – Zoltan’s thoughts on other parties, and the presidential campaign in general
26:55 – His thoughts on Universal Basic Income
32:35 – Zoltan’s final thoughts on the current situation, some advice for the listeners
34:50 – Where to find Zoltan, and his articles

Support his Vice Presidential campaign here!


Peter J. Dominick is an American stand-up comedian, public speaker, news commentator and podcast host. He appeared on “The Colbert Report” with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central, as the warm-up act for “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart, CNBC’s “Mad Money” and the opening act for comedian Artie Lange. Pete was the host of a daily 3-hour live radio show on SiriusXM, called “Stand Up with Pete Dominick” for almost 12 years. The show welcomed 3-4 expert guests on a broad range of issues and ideas, and cultivated a following of similarly curious and passionate people who wanted to learn, laugh and grow together, talking about parenting, politics, health care, sustainable living, etc. Nowadays, look for his podcast called “StandUP! with Pete Dominick” available on Apple Podcasts.
We absolutely love it. Enjoy!

00:25 – Peter’s personal introduction, and a little something about his career
03:55 – Patrick talking about doing door-to-door sales, and his struggles starting out in life
05:20 – Talking about Joe Rogan’s philosophy and Pete’s experience on his show
10:10 – Can people be the same, as they were 20 years ago ?
12:50 – Making democracy better with new technology, and talking about the political spot light
21:40 – Talking about president Trump, and how Peter perceives him
24:20 – The idea of “loyalty” in politics and in the world, in general
27:25 – Bringing media into the conversation
30:40 – The media that tare down the democratic party in half
32:35 – The horribleness of the war in Iraq
37:00 – Talking about universal pre-k, and if education is mandatory nowadays
40:25 – Debating why the “antiquated” educational system wasn’t modernized
44:25 – Pete’s opinion on testing privatized education and schools competing for funding
50:05 – Our society’s terrible health care system, and what the budget is being spent on
55:50 – The “power persuasion” and corruption in politics
01:01:20 – Where to find Pete and his podcast, and his message to the KWC audience

Check out Pete’s podcast right here!


John is a legendary computer programmer and businessman, one of the biggest cyber security experts of our time. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987, which created “McAfee”, the first commercial antivirus software. The business now produces a range of enterprise security software, and has become world-famous. John has a big following on Social Media, as he is a political activist, running for president in the 2020 elections with his own campaign, promoting blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
We talk about this in particular, and more, in this short but very colorful and valuable, unique interview, full of wise words and advice for the young entrepreneurs out there. Enjoy!

01:25 – A quick run of John McAfee’s life, through the technological industry and it’s revolutions
03:00 – Why was Microsoft and Bill Gates were so successful, according to John
06:45 – Advice for those out there who are trying to build companies in the crypto space
07:35 – Talking about the world’s first computer virus, from year 1987
12:15 – Fast forwarding to bitcoin and blockchain technologies, and how John heard about those
14:30 – Why this technology is so powerful
18:00 – Talking about timeless, world changing tech opportunities
20:45 – How to mobilize people to understand the problems in front of them
24:00 – Other opportunities to utilize blockchain technologies, like government voting
27:05 – John’s advice to kinds, and young listeners out there

Find John on Twitter by clicking here!


David is a productivity consultant and legendary expert in the field of human productivity. He is the author of “Getting Things Done”, a time management guide, and a few other books on the same subject. His work is very easy to read and to follow, but this is not your everyday, afternoon-book-to-read piece. It’s full of simple methods which you can learn and practice, and see the results very soon. He is the creator of the David Allen Company, whose presenters regularly give one-day public seminars on the methodology. Allen himself occasionally gives lectures or sessions. I’ve had an amazing time talking to him, I recommend you taking notes because this one is really helpful. Enjoy!

00:20 – David’s introduction and what his work is all about
03:10 – How and when did David realize he has found the methods to maximizing his own productivity
05:45 – David’s experience with meditation and spiritual methods of enhancement, and how he started his consulting business
14:10 – His thoughts on digital tools vs. standard pen and paper methods
19:50 – Talking about great pieces of information, given to us by Peter Drucker
23:00 – How long would it last, and how it would look if you would to seriously empty your mind on to a piece of paper
24:10 – Best methods to do that, and what the challenges are
28:30 – Asking yourself the hard questions
32:55 – Talking about the place for David’s ‘reflection time’
35:30 – The need of the brain to rest, and to focus
40:15 – Meditation and mindfulness techniques that David uses
42:30 – David’s way into making a model of maximizing productivity, that can be applied to everybody
45:10 – Talking about the ‘stress of the opportunity’
48:30 – David reviews his book “Getting things done” as well as his new work book
51:40 – Why his methods are never learned in school
53:55 – Last words of advice from David

You can check out his company here, and look for the books mentioned in this Episode on our Book Club!


Robert is an entrepreneur, the Founder and CEO of, a “hyperlocal” advertising agency that was ranked #155 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in USA. Robert is a L.A. native, and as a 16-year advertising executive he has developed his personal brand by creating effective business models through programmatic media for owners to use. He has also grown his brand by becoming a recent addition to “Inc. Masters” network, an official member of the “Forbes Los Angeles Business Council”, and host of the “LABusiness” Podcast. Enjoy!

00:15 – Robert’s introduction to both what he and his company represent
01:50 – What tools does his company offer, in it’s unique business plan
10:45 – How do they measure if someone sees an ad and where he sees it
13:05 – What to expect from the technological capabilities of devices, in the future
15:10 – How Robert got to know advertising, and got to use ‘programmatic media buying’
17:30 – Advertising in augmented reality
21:40 – What to expect in 2020 of Robert and his company, to continue a steady growth
24:30 – Starting the conversation about Robert’s podcast
27:45 – What makes them stand out
34:00 – Talking about how advertising is not a “silver bullet”
42:04 – What was the best result, in Robert’s career
47:45 – Talking about “meme advertising”
49:40 – What the New Year brings to the advertising business
52:45 – Robert’s final message for the listeners and a nice outro

The best way to check out what Robert’s record setting agency is all about, is to check out their website here.


Louie started his career dropping out of college and working as a photographer for National Geographic, only to move to Fortune Magazine, and interview many incredible individuals and true VIP’s of the modern society. He later started a non-profit organization called the Oceanic Preservation Society, which we talk about in detail in this Episode. We talked about one of the most awarded documentaries of all time called “The Cove” which Louie directed, “Racing Extinction” and one of his most recent works called “The Game Changers” which is still running on Netflix right now. This is one of our most detailed and colorful interviews yet, and I am sure that you will take a lot from it. Enjoy!

00:45 – Louie’s personal introduction, about dropping out of college and his first job at NAT GEO
05:30 – Talking about Louie’s unique opportunity to change culture at a young age
15:30 – Steven Spielberg’s advice for Louie as a film-maker
18:35 – Talking about dolphin hunting in Asia, and dolphins as a remarkable but endangered species
30:15 – “The Cove”, a multi-awarded documentary by Loiue and his crew
39:00 – “Racing Extinction”, and “The Game Changers” as a movie about the benefits of plant-based diets for athletes
45:40 – Mentioning Loma Linda in California, as a great example of plant-based communities
49:15 – The effect of this program, and type of lifestyle, on human gene-activation
50:40 – An interesting experiment on athletes on plant-based diets regarding erections 🙂
52:50 – Talking about how much the food is processed before we eat it
55:40 – Coming back to “The Game Changers”, and its immense crew of supporters and executive producers
59:30 – The Pope calling Louie and his crew, to support their climate change and extinction crisis awareness program
01:03:30 – The influence of the latest technology on Louie’s present and future work
01:05:10 – The inspiration  taken by Louie while interviewing some of the biggest names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Paul Allen etc.
01:10:05 – The importance of giving back
01:14:35 – The massive percentage of the culture that Louie’s work influenced, and his future projects
01:16:55 – The social influence of an individual’s work, and a cool Bill Gates story about predicting future
01:21:45 – Louie’s informal goodbye and last advice for the listeners

Louie’s personal website regarding photography, and more about the Oceanic Preservation Society here.


Dr. Phillips is an engineer, currently working as a research scientist and professor at MIT, and a known expert in fluid- and thermal dynamics. Prior to joining the MIT research staff he worked at the “Alden Research Laboratory”, on various thermal hydraulic projects, including working with nuclear plants on their resolution to GSI-191. Prior to working at Alden he was a post-doctoral associate in the MIT “NSE” department, working on advanced diagnostic “boiling heat transfer” experiments. He was also involved in “Project Prometheus”, NASA’s idea to develop nuclear-powered systems for long-duration space missions. We talk about this in particular, as well as why nuclear energy production isn’t so popular nowadays, and why it should be in the near future. Enjoy!

00:20 – Dr. Phillips’s background and introduction
05:05 – Talking about why nuclear energy production isn’t more popular, and prices
11:05 – Aircraft carriers having nuclear reactors inside of them
12:40 – Project Prometheus
16:35 – Talking about using that technology in space propulsion
20:55 – The boiling phenomenon
29:00 – At what point will nuclear technology scale down, to be more usable
35:50 – A new technology meant to increase effectiveness of nuclear reactors
38:00 – Regulations around the nuclear industry
43:15 – What should every-day-people be aware of, regarding the nuclear industry and energy policy of USA
49:00 – Dr. Phillips gives us a friendly goodbye, best of luck to him and his work


Miles is a contemplative psychotherapist, international speaker and author of “Gradual Awakening: The Tibetan Buddhist Path of Becoming Fully Human”. With more than twenty years integrating the mind science and meditative practices of Tibetan Buddhism with psychotherapy, trauma research and neuroscience, Miles is a forerunner in the emerging field of contemplative psychotherapy, and leads pilgrimages around the Buddhist world.
This was a very relaxing, spiritual and open minded conversation, which had the purpose of not only bringing me and all of you closer to the Sacred Wisdoms of this world, but to also enlighten a piece of you, and restore faith in general. Enjoy!

00:25 – Miles’s personal introduction, and short biography
02:45 – Talking about Sacred Wisdoms
08:50 – Differences between scientific methods and “scientism”
16:50 – Using the best of both worlds, to create a healthier society overall
26:15 – Understanding trauma in general, and in people
32:50 – The spiritual void in the world that the latest generations grew up in
39:50 – This being a ‘default state’ today
44:45 – Talking about a few trends, and ways that people handle trauma lately
50:00 – Pilgrimage, in general
01:00:10 – Where to find and how to join Miles
01:04:05 – Miles’s message to all of you

Visit Dr. Neale’s personal website here, and be sure to check out his book!


Brett is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from High Point University, a Master of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). With over twenty years of experience, Brett is now the Director of Education and Trainer at StrongFirst, as well as an author at their official website and blog. We talk about training in general, about rest as the single most abused training variable, and of course about kettlebell training, as I am looking to implement this in my training routine as soon as possible. Enjoy!

00:30 – Brett’s personal introduction
02:30 – How his interest for fitness came along
04:30 – Talking about the kettlebell, how and where it came to be
06:10 – How and when did Brett fully commit to this job
07:50 – Talking about Brett’s initial sedentary lifestyle
10:50 – What is the baseline activity we were supposed to have as humans ?
16:15 – Talking about the clients that are looking to work out with kettlebells
18:20 – Things to be aware of as a beginner at kettlebells
21:35 – The value of rest, as the single most abused training variable
28:35 – Balance in training, and Brett’s current training
37:15 – The ‘What the heck’ training effect
39:15 – Where to begin content-wise, and regarding Strongfirst as a community in general
41:40 – A little bit more about equipment, and where to get it from
43:30 – A message to the listeners from Brett, and where to find him

Find more about Brett at their official website here.


Alex is a very smart, young YouTuber, a writer and a Podcast host. His channel called the ‘CosmicSkeptic’ is “a place where you can find various discussions of philosophical topics ranging from the crucially important to the trivially interesting”. He is an advocate of free speech in general, an atheist and a vegan as well. We talk about the last two in depth during this Episode, as Alex explains how, when and why he started caring for the lives of animals, eating animals as an underestimated global issue, as well as if the world can survive without eating animals at all. We also talk about how he became an atheist, and everything that the therm exactly means. If you are interested in hearing more, please follow Alex and his work, links are given below. Enjoy!

00:40 – Talking about Alex’s passion for justice, animals, free speech
01:55 – Alex explaining him being vegan, how this began and why
09:40 – Killing animals, breeding them to be killed and eaten, and talking about why this is wrong
17:30 – Everybody has the ability to act upon their compulsions
20:20 – Can the whole world go vegan ?
29:35 – The principal of minimizing unnecessary suffering, using technology
32:45 – How Alex ‘debunked’ religion in his life, and started being an atheist
37:25 – Talking about the similarities between religions
40:25 – What caused people to find answers in religion, in time
42:00 – A conversation about considering our world being a part of a simulation
50:00 – Where Alex sees himself in 2020
52:50 – Where to find him and his content on the internet

Visit his personal website the ‘CosmicSkeptic’ here, and follow Alex on Twitter here!


Akshay is a US Marine veteran, he is a speaker as well as an adventurer, entrepreneur and author. His book called “Fearvana” (Fear + Nirvana) has received a lot of great endorsements from people like: the Dalai Lama, Seth Godin, Jack Canfield. He has risen above some really difficult and traumatizing life experiences, which he mentions during this Episode, that really make him a great writer to go to, if searching for life-health books to read like this one. The sales of his book support a lot of charity organizations, so we highly recommend you check it out immediately. We also spoke about spending time in the dark, and how that reflects on your mindset. A great experience for me, and hopefully for all of you. Enjoy!

00:20 – Akshay’s introduction
03:00 – How did Akshay identify the roots of his negative feelings
05:50 – Finding he consistence of happiness in life
10:10 – The tipping point, the moment of realization for Akshay
12:45 – The very first step, into self development
17:15 – Coming up with the word “Fearvana”
18:00 – Defining the word, and how and when to use it
23:45 – Talking about how the Dalai Lama got Akshay’s book into his hands
28:20 – What Akshay is doing business-wise right now
31:35 – Sharing advises to people who need it, on branding and preparing the market for your product
35:40 – Talking about adventures Akshay looks at, currently
37:15 – How and where to support Akshay’s work
38:50 – Talking about ‘Darkness Retreats’, and being alone in pitch darkness for a long time
43:25 – Emotions when he saw the light again after 7 days of darkness
47:25 – Akshay’s personal outro

Find more about Akshay here.


Michael is originally from Boston, and works currently as the Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, with more than 15 years of research experience in the field of nuclear materials, microstructural characterization, and alloy development. As an expert in the fields of micro-/nano scale characterization, multi physics modeling & simulation, Michael answers all of my questions regarding nuclear in general. We talk about the real and fake dangers of nuclear energy, it’s relation to solar, how complicated it is to start a company in this industry nowadays, why the government hasn’t shown much interest in this field, and much more. Thank you Michael for your time, this was a great experience, and to everyone who is interested in this field as much as I am, be sure to check out MIT’s online ‘MOOC’ crash courses on nuclear science FOR FREE because knowledge is for everyone and meant to be free. Enjoy!

00:15 – Michael’s bio and personal introduction
01:20 – Talking about his interest in nuclear science, and how it came to be
02:45 – Changes in nuclear sciences, in the 21st Century
05:25 – Why the government maybe isn’t interested in nuclear
09:35 – Nuclear dangers getting attention, only when things go wrong
12:10 – Why nuclear isn’t more talked about today, although it’s becoming more and more the obvious choice
18:20 – Talking about the developments in the 21st Century, that changed the future for thinking nuclear
21:05 – Explaining generation 4 nuclear, and why that is good/better
23:10 – Talking about how to purchase materials, used for nuclear technologies
25:40 – What to do with nuclear waste, and can they be recycled
30:10 – Talking about the potential competition, in nuclear technology in the future
34:15 – Are there any other major benefits to nuclear
38:50 – Why should people be interested in pursuing nuclear for their career
42:00 – What other fields of science are involved with nuclear, that people haven’t heard about
48:00 – A free MOOC course by MIT on everything that nuclear is, and other sources for all listeners
52:50 – Michael’s outro speech for the listeners

You can find all of the MIT’s MOOC courses, for FREE on this link here.


Paul was born in New York City, where he attended the “New York University”. After this, he received his master’s degree from “Yale University”. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant, and after that Paul presents himself as a medium for channeling, a psychic, energy healer, teacher and author. He is the author of five channeled books including his newest “Beyond the Known: Realization” completely audio transcribed from his channeling sessions, with almost no editing at all! Paul is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature working today. He organizes these channeled workshops internationally all year long, and records live streaming sessions once a week, as well. A great, fun individual, very open about his work and even with my skepticism, I had an amazing time talking to him. Enjoy!

00:15 – Paul’s introduction
02:10 – Defining “channeling” from Paul’s perspective
05:40 – How to differentiate an internal thought from a channeling thought
11:45 – Talking about rituals Paul uses for preparation
16:30 – If channeling is a skill set or just something that happens to people
23:10 – Talking about the unknown origin and materialization of channeling
27:55 – An introduction to his latest book “Beyond the Known: Realization”
37:40 – Explaining Paul’s representation of high and low frequencies that surround us, in detail
42:55 – Talking about the progress of Paul’s work, and what it can become in the future
46:50 – Why are we on this world, and what we are here to do
49:15 – Where to find Paul, and what happens in his workshops
52:35 – Paul’s final words for the audience

Click here to learn more about Paul, and look for his book on our Book Club webpage!


Scott is probably best known for creating “Dilbert”, an awesome series of cartoon strips. He has an amazing, extremely informative, self-titled periscope, where he operates as our fellow colleague and podcast host sometimes even twice a day. Here you can hear and feel his vast experience regarding hypnosis and persuasion, as well as have a nice cup of coffee! His books are probably the “crown jewels” of his work, with all of them being part of my all time favorite books, including “Win Bigly”, and “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life”, as well as his newest book which we talk about in detail during this Episode, called “Loserthink”. Thank you to Scott, it’s been a pleasure to have him and to promote ALL of his work. Enjoy! 

01:50 – The issue of untrained brains ruining America
04:40 – Talking about the inspiration of Scott’s new book LOSERTHINK
07:30 – A little more detailed explanation of how Scott formed his personality
10:20 – Scott’s noticeable habits
12:05 – The power of repetition and progressive repetition, in persuasion
14:10 – Talking about the concept of LOSERTHINK and if it is taking it’s place in the real world
15:45 – The potential effect of the new book, on people’s lives as well as on the upcoming elections
21:05 – The potential effect of his books, on the educational system
25:25 – How does the “Golden Age” look to Scott, in the future
33:20 – Scott talking about how LOSERTHINK is like a ‘software update’ to communication nowadays
37:20 – Talking about the implementation of Scott’s principles in a small, family environment
39:30 – Scott’s thoughts on climate change
41:20 – Read Scott’s new book, and a nice goodbye

You can find Scott on Twitter here, and visit his personal blog website here.


A.J. is an American journalist, author, and lecturer best known for writing about his lifestyle experiments. This genre is often called “immersion journalism”, or “stunt journalism”. He transferred his experiences into several books, like “Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey” and “It’s All Relative” explaining his experiments in detail. He works as an editor for “Esquire” and has worked for the “Antioch Daily Ledger” and “Entertainment Weekly”. We talk about his books, his connections with other well-known authors and producers, his new potential Podcast and share some interesting thoughts about the after-life. Hear this and much more in this (long awaited) episode! Enjoy!

00:15 – Both guests talking about “outsourcing your life” and individual examples of how they do it
06:10 – What is A.J.’s system of handling different types of information
09:45 – What drives A.J. to stick to his ambitions
16:35 – A.J. talking about him meeting Tim Ferriss
18:35 – How did A.J. develop his curiosity and grew his writing interests
20:20 – A.J. talking about reading his first book
21:25 – Talking about different human qualities, and seeing them while interviewing people
26:10 – A.J.’s interests for rituals
35:25 – A.J. explaining his mission to express gratitude, thanking all the people that help make his morning coffee
43:30 – The world is far from being black and white
46:25 – A.J.’s new Podcast with his friend James Altucher
49:50 – Talking about the show “The Good Place”
50:45 – What is the most ethical way to be buried ?
55:05 – Talking about nuclear power
59:05 – A.J.’s outro to the Episode and where to find him

Click here to visit A.J.’s personal website and find out more!


Brandon is a famous hairstylist and actor, former liberal activist and the founder of the #WalkAway campaign. We first met on this trash pickup event, which was organized by him in Los Angeles. His campaign is a social media campaign that launched ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections, and targeted those who decided to abandon the Democratic party at the time, for various reasons. We dive into his personality, his career, campaign, motives for political engagements and much more in this short but very interesting Podcast experience. Enjoy!

00:15 – Brandon introducing himself, and talking about his #WalkAway movement
12:25 – Are the next elections going to be different
18:30 – The most common story that Brandon hears from people
21:55 – What are Brandon’s plans for the upcoming elections
25:25 – Goals that the #WalkAway movement wants to achieve in 2020
27:30 – Where to find their series “The Hard Truth” and learn more about this
30:45 – Why is it important, to have a two-party system
33:15 – What should people do, and where to do it, in order to support Brandon

You can find Brandon on Twitter here.


Róbert is a very successful, young man who specializes in international relations, and is the founder and president of GLOBSEC – a Slovakia based, think tank. For those of you who are not familiar with this subject, a think tank is an institute which performs research and advocacy, concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture. Róbert tells us more about what GLOBSEC is all about, as we dive into subjects concerning the regulation of modern technologies, sustainability, educational costs in Europe and in America, and much more. Enjoy!

00:25 – Who is Robert and what is he doing exactly
04:00 – What inspired and encouraged Robert to create GLOBSEC
10:05 – Talking about the regulation of modern technologies
11:20 – Regulations around AI in general
16:40 – The process of considering a topic like this, in GLOBSEC
20:15 – The end goal, of their individual projects
30:10 – Talking about sustainability, in America vs. in Europe
34:10 – Nuclear friendly countries in Europe, and in America
37:25 – Social credit score, and it’s impact on regulation of a society
43:00 – Róbert tells his opinion on automation wiping out manual jobs
45:25 – The difference between educational costs in Europe and in the USA
47:15 – Róberts learning and reading habits, and some great sources of information from him
49:15 – How GLOBSEC leverages their network, for future success
55:30 – GLOBSEC as a role model for other companies in the ‘think tank’ space
01:00:15 – Róberts last monologue in this Episode

Check out GLOBSEC here, thank you!


Stephen is a travelling author (not to be mistaken for Stephen King the writer of “IT”), who has a very unique and interesting story to share with us. Stephen sold his belongings, bought a bus, converted it into a living space and started travelling with only one idea in mind and that is to write. He is currently writing his books on the subject of “The 7 Dares” which is a concept he created, and gives us a very thorough, objective and detailed explanation of what life is all about. Today he interviews ME and not vice versa as usual, so if you are interested in finding out more, not only about him and his life, but also about mine, give this Episode a listen. Enjoy!

00:25 – Stephen’s introduction, and his story
04:45 – How Stephen came up with “The 7 Dares” concept
07:00 – What are the 7 dares
11:30 – Patrick talking about the Podcast, and our KWC audience
– From now on Stephen is the interviewer, and Patrick is answering
20:15 – Stephen asking about the first dare, “Dare to align”
29:30 – The second dare, “Dare to create” and Patrick as a creator
36:05 – The third dare, “Dare to connect”
40:10 – The fourth dare, “Dare to dominate”
45:15 – The fifth dare, “Dare to discover”
48:40 – The sixth dare, “Dare to excel”
53:45 – The last and seventh dare, “Dare to serve”
57:05 – Stephen’s personal outro, and where to find him

Visit his website here, and look for him on Instagram here.


Zuby is a very successful, up-and-coming hip hop artist from the UK, who achieved major success during the past year, in many of his different careers. As a Computer Science undergraduate at Oxford University, Zuby declined ‘the normal job’ and started rapping! Within months he self-released his debut album ‘Commercial Underground’, slowly building up a fan base and achieving major success afterwards. He toured the UK during the past year, and released his book called “Strong Advice: Zuby’s Guide to Fitness for Everybody”. We absolutely recommend checking out his new Podcast, called “Real Talk with Zuby” as well. This was definitely a ‘real talk’, no doubt about it. Enjoy!

00:15 – Zuby’s introduction
02:40 – What is Zuby’s philosophy on self-promotion
07:50 – How and when his uprising in self-promotion started
14:45 – Having a rough skin, and being hard on yourself to begin with anything in life
30:05 – The thought of a potential Apocalypse, and survival in general, in the UK vs the USA
35:05 – How to motivate people to want, and try to develop mentally and physically
40:35 – Why you pick the “dorito” vs the “apple”
44:20 – Talking about Zuby’s accomplished 2019 New Year’s resolutions
49:50 – How Zuby wrote his book in one day
55:20 – Talking about procrastination in a business, any business, nowadays
01:04:15 – The value of earning your experience, by hard work and dedication
01:07:00 – Zuby’s final message to KWC listeners out there

Check out his Podcast and his music on by clicking here, and follow him on Twitter here.


Jesse is one of the most recognized professional parkour and free running athletes in the world. Besides his incredible and unique career in action sports, which is accompanied by a signature shoe model, he is a very well known YouTube and Internet personality, with over 1 Million followers combined. His career as a Hollywood stuntman and TV personality, appearing for instance in the latest “X Men” movies as a stunt double for “Nightcrawler”, has shaped him into a very bold and talented filmmaker and screen artist, as he has produced and released his own documentary, fully independent, and of great quality. This and much more in the latest Episode. Enjoy!

00:15 – Jesse’s introduction
01:20 – How he got into action sports
05:05 – Talking about parkour and how Jesse started performing it
09:20 – How this sport evolved into a lifestyle
13:25 – How and when Jesse got involved with Hollywood, and moved to LA
17:40 – Training parkour and talking about “Ninja Warrior”
21:50 – How Jesse learned to be so marketing aware
23:25 – Talking about Jesse’s signature shoes
28:30 – How to buy them
29:25 – Jesse’s current projects
36:10 – Talking about his company, Tempest Free Running
42:25 – Conversation about making parkour an Olympic sport
45:50 – Jesse’s new documentary
49:00 – Where to find the film
51:30 – Jesse’s goodbye, and where to find him on Social Media

Visit his website here, his YouTube channel here, and his Social Media here. Thank you Jesse!


Douglas is an architect, and owner of “Hanson LA”, an architectural company which has been a part of some really interesting, and monumental projects not only here in Los Angeles, but in Europe (the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao) as well. Douglas has worked for over three decades both with globally recognized architecture firms and independently. He has extensive experience in all phases of design, from research through construction, with cultural, commercial, and residential projects of all scales and magnitudes, and appreciates art of all sorts. Enjoy!

00:15 – Douglas’s background and his short backstory
01:30 – What changed in the industry, today vs. when Douglas entered his business genre
03:30 – How architecture is a very integrative part of our lives
05:40 – How to incorporate all of the qualities into a space, while making it look beautiful
08:35 – Why people use new styles, materials that weren’t in use 50-60 years ago
09:20 – Talking about the design process, and the abstraction of sketches
12:35 – Takeaways from his learning process
16:25 – Talking about the life cycle of an architectural project
18:50 – Why their work in Bilbao, is one of the most important buildings of our time
20:50 – The potential change of tools, that can help their work progress
22:35 – What issues are there today, that hold down architecture from progressing and getting better
28:10 – Why Los Angeles ?
30:30 – Books and sources to recommend to people who have interest in architecture
34:00 – Why buildings are built in a new, and less permanent way
40:50 – Talking about Douglas’s TedTalk
42:45 – Thinking big, in terms of architectural design
46:25 – Douglas’s advice for young people who are still developing their interests for architecture

Find out more about HansonLA, by visiting their website here!


Ramin is a very creative and successful entrepreneur. He is first and foremost, a very talented artist, animator and illustrator. On top of that, he writes and creates short books that reflect simple, but amazing and unusual stories in a fun and different way, his way.
He hosts the “Rainbow Brainskull Hour Podcast”, which is truly a reflection of everything that he does and represents, and I highly recommend you check it out (link to website below).
I had an amazing time, and so will you. Enjoy!

00:15 – Ramin talking about his education, and his family
02:30 – His different jobs as an artist
06:15 – Ramin switching his career paths, and talking about job diversity nowadays
15:15 – The origin of Ramin’s way of thinking, and his work/life patterns
24:10 – Talking about ancient structures, and the perfectionism that is forgotten
32:20 – Looking towards the future, and thinking of when human services will become a luxury
36:30 – Talking about Ramin’s art, and “Neuralink”
40:50 – Books to read, and thoughts to find in them, if interested in Ramin’s way of thinking
45:45 – Ramin’s newest work, and where to find him

Visit his website here, and get to know his colorful and mindblowing world!


Jennifer is a very young and intelligent individual, with a background in acting, modelling and on movie production, currently running for Congress against Adam Schiff in his district in California, as an independent candidate. We talk about her campaign and how she decided to engage this career, and discuss her opinions and some hypothetical solutions for problems facing Californians and Americans right now especially in the district, and a lot more. I really enjoyed this week’s ‘open and relaxed’ conversation with Jennifer, and am curious to see what she does in the near future, following up in a couple of months. Enjoy!

00:30 – Why did Jennifer run for Office, and why independent
04:05 – Talking about the evolution of Jennifer’s campaign against Adam Schiff
09:30 – Jennifer’s background outside of politics
12:55 – The difference between Jennifer’s policies, versus the competition’s stance
15:40 – Talking about the economic value of immigrants
18:55 – Solving the homelessness issue, and how the average voter has insight into these acts
21:50 – The myth of the ‘low income housing’, and other homelessness problems
27:20 – Jennifer’s response on the drug problems surrounding homeless people
30:35 – Talking about Universal Basic Income
37:20 – Discussing Jennifer’s position as an independent candidate
38:45 – Talking about Jennifer’s connection to other candidates with similar goals
40:50 – The topic of guns in her district, and her opinion on censorship
48:10 – Talking about uniting people, in terms of different stances on politics
52:35 – Can we still trust the media, as a source of information ?
57:55 – How and where to find, support and help Jennifer

Visit Jennifer’s website at to find out more about her campaign!


Mick is a science writer, skeptical investigator and former video game programmer. He is the creator of and, where he investigates and debunks interesting conspiracy theories. He is also a Podcast Host, and an author, who has a book called “Escaping the Rabbit hole – How to debunk Conspiracy Theories using Facts, Logic and Respect”. I had an awesome time doing our weekly ‘open and relaxed’ conversation with Mick, as KWC Podcast seems almost like the perfect place for him, and his stories. Enjoy!

00:40 – How Mick started his ‘debunker’ career
02:15 – Using respect to change someone’s mind
04:35 – Talking about conspiracy theories, and why people believe so firmly in them
14:00 – The motive behind people being involved with conspiracy theories
18:10 – At which point in his life Mick decided to ‘change people’s minds’
23:15 – Situations where these theories are backed up by incredibly persuading information
29:45 – More word about well-known conspiracy theories, 9/11, Pentagon
36:00 – Pentagon story, and talking about short term memory being very wage
47:15 – The ‘West Law’, taking about the demographic statistics of conspiracy theory believers
55:15 – Talking about conspiracies being a ‘data’ problem
57:35 – Where to find Mick on the Internet, and his last words

Check out Mick’s Podcast here find his debunking stories here, and look for his book on our Book Club web page.


I was honored to have Suzanne appear on the Podcast, as she is a revolutionary musician and sound creator of the past, as well as the present. Her incredible career as a sound designer, composer and producer, playing the ‘Buchla’ and specializing in quadraphonic sound, earned her nicknames like “Diva of the Diode” and “America’s first female synth hero”. Her résumé is rich with appearances on Television (The David Letterman Show), Radio and live in Theaters, Stadiums and all over the World, doing what she does in a unique and perfect way. I recommend listening carefully to her voice, taking notes, and researching at the same time, if you are able to. Enjoy! 

00:35 – Talking about the career defining ‘Buchla’ instrument
03:40 – Don Buchla’s vision of music, and his inventions
09:10 – Suzanne’s contact with this instrument
13:30 – Talking about technology in the past, and how unreachable it was at the time
21:25 – Technology today, and how we use it now versus in the past
23:30 – Growing up in the same are of Massachusetts
25:05 – Patrick talking about moving to Burbank
30:55 – Suzanne’s involvement in advertisement
40:55 – Finding out about life principles, Suzanne lives by
45:35 – How and when to determine what ground you need to hold, and save your honor as an artist
54:00 – Talking about the personal power and influence that a human has on the face of the Earth
58:30 – Suzanne talking about books and role models, that influenced her in life
01:03:25 – The enormous cultural stress nowadays
01:07:10 – How Americans brand things in political ways
01:13:10 – Suzanne’s final words of inspiration for the audience

Check out her website and find her on Instagram @sevwave.


Mark is a maker, an editor, writer, illustrator, and public speaker. He was the founding editor at, his collaborative weblog Boing Boing, as well as the Make Magazine. His work was discovered by Billy Idol, who consulted Frauenfelder for his Cyberpunk album. He is also an author of 7 books, and currently works at the Institute for the Future as a Research Director. I had an amazing time talking to Mark, our time together absolutely flew by, talking about creating, making and manufacturing, the Internet, Social Media and his creations. Enjoy!

06:55 – How and when Mark became a maker, creator
12:30 – Talking about the talent people have, for fixing everything complicated around them
15:35 – The satisfaction in doing things yourself, for Mark
21:45 – The gratitude that you get after using the item, which you’ve made possible
23:45 – Talking about books by Michael Pollan
26:55 – Mark’s connection to Urban homesteading
31:00 – Mark’s expedition, moving to an island in the South Pacific
40:50 – Talking about prototyping new technologies in the 21st Century
47:35 – Mark’s courses and what he teaches people
49:35 – Talking about the book ‘Cool Tools’
56:40 – Mark’s favorite newsletters, and talking about Social Media
01:02:35 – Books Mark would like to recommend
01:05:55 – Where to find Mark online, and his message to the listeners 

Find Mark on, and check out his web page for more information about his work!


Bill is an engineer by profession, but comes on today as a Level II Wim Hof Method Instructor, and a North American representative of his. He talks about Wim himself, what this method of his represents, how he got involved and why he became an instructor. For those who are not familiar with the Method, we highly recommend reading books (which you can find on our Book Club) or checking out other sources first, such as the documentary “The Iceman”. Enjoy!

00:25 – Bill’s introduction and first contact with the Wim Hof Method
04:40 – An overview of how the WHM works
10:20 – How to integrate breathing techniques into the daily routine
14:40 – How Bill got involved with the study of the Method
26:00 – The disbelief that people have for Wim’s achievements
30:55 – How the increase of oxygen in the blood warms the human body
35:15 – How did the science behind the WHM progressed during the time
40:00 – What to try first when doing an experiment with the WHM
44:20 – Bill witnessing changes during his group treatments
48:55 – Where is the future of the WHM going
55:40 – Talking about the WHM helping drug addiction problems
01:00:15 – Bill’s outro and final thoughts as we wrap things up

Find Bill as a Level II WH Instructor here, and look for literature on this subject on our Book Club!


Patrick is (still) one of the smartest and most profound individuals, that I have talked to on this Podcast. We pick up exactly where we left off, talking about AI technology, robots starting religions, advanced intelligence and its roots, the predictive quality of modern laws, and much more.
He shares his thoughts, as a military robotics expert, on how and where we should begin to influence the evolution of AI and where we need to be right now, in order to understand it. Another great one, to be remembered for a long time. Enjoy!

00:50 – Talking about AI being a ‘terrifying monster’, which can start a religion
05:05 – Patrick explaining his impression of religion in general, and how intelligence evolved
10:20 – How and when Patrick started digging deeper into these facts
17:25 – The predictive quality of modern laws, and its roots
32:20 – Trying to find an alternative to ‘tabula-rasa’ as the foundation and source of America’s laws
41:40 – What’s the selection of criteria, in the nature that surrounds us
49:50 – The evolution of advanced intelligence, without the biological concerns
52:50 – Where does a machine get motive to want to achieve more
01:02:00 – What advantage does AI have over the human population
01:10:05 – Talking about the ‘trolley problem’ in terms of AI ethics
01:15:20 – What would be a better system to influence AI with, than ‘tabula rasa’
01:20:15 – How to move into the right direction in terms of AI right now
01:23:10 – The crossover with machines to become all-knowing, all-understanding
01:27:20 – Effectiveness vs. The Ideal Scenario of things, and the power of California
01:40:45 – Ending the conversation on a stand by

Follow Patrick on Twitter here: @emblem21CEO!


Cory is an author, Podcast host, meditation teacher and audio engineer from Austin, Texas. His Podcast “The Astral Hustle” is full of materials and conversations, similar to the one that is presented to you here. He is not only a very nice person, with an incredibly relaxing voice, but a creative and influential individual, who represents an “open book” about mind peacefulness, mindfulness and meditation, writing, thinking, cognitive sciences, etc. Give this a listen, and research his Podcast “The Astral Hustle” for more. Enjoy!

00:20 – Cory’s introduction and background
01:20 – How Cory defines mindfulness, and when did he take it up
10:10 – What examples and advice can Cory give to people who want to learn meditation
13:20 – Cory’s meditation habits
20:10 – His opinion on the trends regarding meditation
33:20 – Talking about dual realities and personal mental tunnels, and how Cory helped people exit these tunnels
36:40 – How listeners need to understand Cory’s compassion for them, and more open thoughts
55:25 – Final words before wrapping up

Find Cory at, and check out his Podcast The Astral Hustle here, and look for his upcoming book on our Book Club!


Jason is the founder of Tattered Beans, a really successful coffee company which gives back to US veterans. He’s an Air Force veteran himself, who recently learned he has cancer. He’d been an entrepreneur for 20+ years, earned and lost millions, gaining the most of his entrepreneurial skills through real world experience, and after his diagnosis he wanted to focus on leaving a legacy and helping those who are willing to protect our freedom. An awesome person, and one of our all-time favorite guests. Enjoy!

00:25 – Jason’s introduction, and life story
05:50 – Talking about people focusing on the “Unicorn” stories of entrepreneurship
06:45 – How Jason came into the coffee industry
16:05 – “Keeping things simple”
22:20 – When did Jason decide that he is supposed to be an entrepreneur
29:00 – Jason’s near death experience, that made him change his life
33:00 – Talking about the “grind and hustle” stereotypes in entrepreneurship
39:35 – Setting micro-goals, and on what interval should this be done
45:00 – How does Jason decide what is personal time and what is business time, after changing his life
48:55 – Jason’s routines, advice for beginner entrepreneurs
01:02:50 – The one group of people that you shouldn’t go to, when you’re starting a business
01:10:30 – How “Tattered beans” is looking to attack, and take the international markets
01:17:05 – Talking about Jason’s counter-intuitive value system of thinking
01:26:20 – Jason’s words at the end

Find Jason on Instagram @jakejeanofficial, visit his official page for more info on his products:


Eric is the business owner of a company called Benchmark Intelligence, he is the “word hustler”and author of the self-published book called “Shoot Your Shot”. The book is about dating in general, and the pros and cons of the modern society using online dating services, as the main source for finding potential partners. Eric talks about the process of publishing your own book, how best to do it and how to print and sell the book online. Although handing out great advice, Eric states that his company is his main focus now, which he also presents in detail. Enjoy!

00:20 – Eric’s background and introduction
03:20 – How Eric started “Benchmark Intelligence”
06:15 – How Eric’s service covers the tricky influence of review-sites on places
10:50 – Talking about Eric’s book, and what inspired him to write
22:40 – Results that Patrick has seen, from the content of the book
29:05 – Talking about dating, meeting people in real life versus meeting them online
34:30 – Talking about the key points of his book
36:35 – What effect has the book had on people who’ve read it so far
40:11 – Comparing online dating to online marketing
45:40 – Eric’s next project and close future plans
49:55 – How and where to find Eric’s book

Find Eric on Twitter @ericsantos, check out his company here, and look for his book on our Book Club page!


Mark is a World- and American record holding Power lifter, Fitness and Weightlifting expert, Podcast Host and the Creator of the “Slingshot”, as the ultimate bench press accessory tool. He has an amazing career and life story, which is highlighted by consistency, effort, and focus, which he embodies perfectly. He suffered injuries which would leave most of us incapable of continuing normal life, but remained dedicated to his goals. His newest career as a Podcast Host is just a crown to his success, as he opens up about everything. Enjoy!

00:35 – Mark’s introduction, how he started power lifting, gaining and losing weight along the way
07:15 – How Mark decided that he wants to get good at lifting
12:45 – Mark’s life principle to be consisting in everything he does, talking about the Slingshot
17:35 – The prototype of his Slingshot
21:50 – How to practice achieving your goals
26:25 – Digesting information
32:00 – Talking about Mark’s free gym
38:55 – “It’s not about money, it’s about the overall value exchange”
44:50 – Talking about Mark’s injuries and him not quitting when it was the hardest
56:10 – How Mark recovered from his injuries
01:06:35 – What’s an ideal warm-up process in training
01:13:40 – Talking about Mark’s “Power Project” Podcast
01:23:15 – How and where to find Mark on the Internet

Find Mark on YouTube here, visit his official page for more info on his products:, or find him on Instagram @marksmellybell.


Jay is the Amazon Best Selling author of three change making books in the optimization health care space, and the author of the 2018 #1 overall Men’s Health book: “The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life”. Jay is a master at manipulating and tweaking the human endocrine system to optimize performance and health, which we talk about in this Episode quite a lot. He is also an entrepreneur, and a colleague of mine as he hosts the “TOT Revolution Podcast”, which we highly recommend! All KWC fans can contact his team at the email address shown below, for a free copy of Jay’s new book. Enjoy!

00:25 – Jay’s introduction and background
12:00 – Talking about the fall of the natural testosterone level, people have today
19:35 – What methods of doing testosterone therapy Jay recommends, according to his book
25:25 – Are there ways to sustain natural testosterone levels nowadays
35:00 – Talking about fasting and Jay’s opinion and habits regarding fasting
55:30 – What event, moment got Jay’s work recognized the most
59:55 – The idea of “true value”, as an archetype of the conversation
01:05:50 – Jay’s learning habits
01:11:30 – Final words from Jay, and advice for the younger generations

Check out TOT Revolution, and apply to get a free copy of Jay’s book by contacting his team at


Patrick is an incredible individual, he works in IT, is an author and a military robotics expert. Patrick has one of the most wealthiest minds in terms of life experience and general knowledge, regarding everyone and everything.
This is one of the longest and most interesting conversations we have ever made for KWC Podcast, as Patrick spoke not only about technology, but also about psychology, evolution, literature and religion. Enjoy!

01:00 – Patrick’s introduction, talking about what he does
09:15 – Talking about The Second Iraq war and its justification, and war in general
14:45 – How did Patrick identify the pieces, to form a picture about how the reality surrounding The Military should be
21:55 – Talking about robotics and it’s place in the modern society and in The Military
26:10 – Patrick talks about his fears regarding these subjects
35:10 – Talking about the “battle” between Amazon and Oracle
38:55 – Who is driving the robotic development
43:15 – How can we beat the mental laziness that comes with the many technological improvements
48:20 – Touching up on emotionally aware AI
50:15 – Patrick starts talking about his book, and the “Neanderthal Brains”
56:00 – Talking about commercializing the human emotions
59:20 – Talking about psychedelics, and a couple of books about this subject
01:03:30 – More word about the “Neanderthal Brains”
01:07:10 – Talking about “persuasion” as a part of reality
01:11:35 – “Reality tunnel” management, and this subject relating to branding in general
01:21:05 – Talking about marketing and branding in particular
01:23:25 – The outcome of the whole story, which people need to think about
01:28:30 – Patrick’s learning habit
01:37:55 – Where to find Patrick

Follow Patrick on Twitter here: @emblem21CEO!


Wim is a Swiss entrepreneur, inventor, former banker, and owner of a company called “Micro-mobility” which specializes in innovative and unconventional means of transportation, for people of all ages. He also invented the popular “Razor” scooter from the 1990’s, which we talk about in this Podcast as he shares his ideas of what modern transportation should look like. His company has a new product of very high potential, an electric small car(vehicle) called the “Microlino” which has been modeled from the original 1960’s BMW Isetta. Wim gifted us his inspiration, opened up about experiences as a entrepreneur, inventor and marketing expert, and shared some great advice for young entrepreneurs out there. Enjoy!

00:40 – Wim’s introduction and how his career as a micro-mobility inventor started
05:45 – Talking about “blue ocean” marketing
08:40 – Talking about Wim’s education
09:30 – The evolution of Wim’s first products
12:45 – Talking about electric scooters, and this idea not being realized until now
17:30 – The integration between cars and electrical scooters
20:30 – Talking about Wim’s new product, the electric car called the Microlino
27:15 – The benefit of small, electric cars nowadays
32:30 – The encouragement to make the Microlino, and possible features to it
41:05 – How and where will people be able to buy the Microlino
44:50 – Wim’s idea of the future of the urban transportation market
50:05 – What drives Wim to keep doing what he does
51:20 – His advice for young entrepreneurs
55:00 – Wim’s books recommended to increase the power of positive thinking
56:25 – Wim’s personal message to the listeners
58:00 – How bad does it hurt, when a scooter hits you in the ankle ?

Check out, see what they are offering and find out more about Wim’s newest invention – the Microlino!
Artice about one-person electric transportation and how it has impacted legacy forms of urban transit can be found here.


Shaun is a Certified Personal Trainer, widely recognized for his expertise in functional training, Muay Thai, and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness training sessions. He achieved this by working in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years, among others as the “Health and Fitness” Editor of both “Inglewood Today” and “Crenshaw Today” Magazines

But no, today’s episode is not about his career. Shaun has an amazing story to tell giving us an insight into his rough upbringing, talking about all the experiences he had growing up in his neighborhood, and how he rose above all that. Enjoy!

00:45 – Shaun’s interesting birth
02:30 – Talking about Shaun’s environment growing up
08:00 – People attacking each other based on where they are from
11:35 – Talking about gangs, gang history and Shaun’s experiences with gangs
31:30 – The escalation of violence between people
37:45 – The thoughts of people coming out of rough neighborhoods
43:30 – Shaun being able to fully get away, blessed
51:45 – All of this being a massive accomplishment for Shaun as a person
56:30 – Shaun’s experience with going to jail
58:35 – How is Shaun bringing up his son, and teaching him to live in a different environment
01:05:00 – Summing up the reality of this story, and his past
01:11:30 – How Shaun can help people who want to brake away from a tough environment
01:20:20 – Wrapping it up, Shaun’s final words to the listeners

Visit to get involved with Shaun and his work as a Fitness Trainer!


Lance has been in the automobile industry for over 37 years. He opened Hillbank Motor Corp located in Costa Mesa, California in 1999 after years in South Africa where he worked with his father. In 2005 Lance purchased Superformance and he is the worldwide distributor for all Superformance built cars. This is an American automotive company which has been designing, building and marketing sports cars, performance components and full car replicas, for the past 20 years. Lance’s energy and enthusiasm are amazing, and it doesn’t matter if you are a car person or not, he has something in store for everybody. Enjoy!

00:20 – Lance’s introduction and the the introduction of his company, called Superformance
07:45 – Talking about modern cars versus the design and feel of driving 60’s cars
13:50 – What drives Lance and his employees, to nourish the car culture nowadays
17:00 – What Lance thinks of Tesla and Elon Musk
20:15 – How did Lance and his company go about licencing their cars, and working with huge companies
22:50 – A glimpse of Lance’s vision for working with some European car companies
23:30 – What does Lance look for in a car, to be able to work with it
25:00 – Talking about his customers
26:30 – Lance’s journey, from the very beginning
27:45 – Talking about HR 22 – Low Volume Manufacturing regulation
33:50 – The customization that Superformance offers
37:15 – Lance’s vision for Superformance in the future
39:25 – Lance’s final words, and opinion on working with Tesla in the future

Visit or to get involved with Lance and his awesome work.


Dr. Emery is a statistician, anesthesiologist and neuroscientist. He is the “Warren M. Zapol” Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and at Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as a practicing anesthesiologist. At MIT he is the “Edward Hood Taplin” Professor of Medical Engineering and Professor of Computational Neuroscience, as well as the Director of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, and the Director of the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program. Needless to say that Dr. Emery is one of the smartest individuals we’ve ever had on our Podcast, and a true hero of our time who works every day to make this world a better place for all of us, I recommend to sit back and listen carefully. Enjoy!

04:40 – Talking about some ripple effects with anesthesia, and the effect it has on our mind
07:45 – Talking about a “Matrix-like” situation, where the human mind would take control over anesthesia
09:00 – How to decipher brainwaves, and talking about oscillations in the brain circuits
17:40 – Side effects, from the research of brain stimulation
19:25 – Side effects from using anesthesia
22:10 – The ideal process of giving anesthesia to a patient
23:50 – How anesthesiology reflects on Dr. Brown’s influence in Medical Engineering
26:00 – The future of Dr. Brown’s research in Medical Engineering
28:45 – Dr. Browns influence on other similar and similar science branches
30:55 – How far are we away from (fully) understand the brain
33:00 – Talking about Hugh Herr
36:10 – Did Dr. Brown expect the ripple effect of studying anesthesia
37:35 – Talking about physiologic monitoring as a requirement in modern medicine
40:20 – Does the administration of drugs change when you enhance the influence of medical engineering
41:30 – Useful informational about the possible way to optimize a human’s circadian rhythm
43:20 – Dr. Brown’s view of potential breakthroughs on the horizon in the next few years
45:00 – Pain being subjective/objective
45:30 – One of Dr. Brown’s current project
48:50 – The future of using AI in diagnosing drugs
50:30 – Dr. Brown’s recommended books
53:45 – How to help Dr. Brown’s research and move this forward
55:45 – Dr. Brown’s final words

Check out this article here, recommended by Dr. Brown if you are looking to read more about his work and the work of his team!


Joe is a very well-known and respected American writer (author), novelist, as well as an Ambassador for the non-profit organisation called the Seasteading Institute. He opens up his mind as we talk about this Project in detail, and his experiences with education in general, and how those helped shape the character he represents today. Joe made this one of the most beautiful KWC conversations we’ve ever recorded, and we recommend not only listening to his words but also reading them, in his newest book “Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians”. Enjoy!

00:20 – Talking about the Seasteading institute, a short description of their first project and Joe’s new documentary
11:45 – Detailed information about the first Seastead
15:30 – Electric setup of the first Seastead
17:35 – The cost of the first Seastead
21:45 – Making money while living on a Seastead
26:50 – How to live in a Seastead while having a US citizenship
34:30 – What to do with the waste from Seasteads
41:30 – Potential society and government issues, attacking the Seasteading potential
48:20 – What it would be like to fast forward 100 years into the future, in terms of this project
52:30 – What’s the next step for people interested in this project
55:10 – Talking about Joe’s experiences during years of education
01:11:35 – Patrick talking about his experiences
01:14:50 – Joe’s writing process, and how he hires people
01:24:20 – How to create a structure in your life, to be able to write
01:29:50 – Joe recommends books to read, to make you a professional writer
01:39:40 – Guys exchanging stories about stealing books, and reading in general
01:48:50 – Joe’s personal goodbye

Visit and to get involved with the Seasteading project yourself!


Mike is an expert in marketing, who owns a company called “Heart of the Sun”, where he also works at right now. He started his journey while working at with Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan as a marketing agent, creator and manager, in two previous occasions. We talk about the process of dropping out of College and taking a gap year, as Mike shares his experience, as well as his previous jobs and interactions with marketing, branding in general and other very useful related ideas. Enjoy!

00:25 – Mike’s personal introduction and his background in marketing
07:05 – Talking about Mike not finishing college, and the feedback that he got from his family & friends
12:55 – The idea of taking a gap year in college education
14:45 – Developping his skillset and self-educating himself, carrying his characteristics into his new business
19:00 – Talking about, where they were when Mike came versus where they are now
25:50 – How the products that Onnit is selling, influenced the culture of the company
30:55 – The mission of “Heart of the Sun”, Mike’s new company
32:50 – Talking about branding as a very important segment of marketing
33:00 – Talking about branding mistakes
40:00 – At what point it makes sense to launch a brand-new branding campaign, from a company standpoint
42:10 – Talking about companies doing good/bad marketing in particular
44:40 – Mike’s go-to books, in terms of professional education and information
51:25 – This year’s plan for his company “Heart of the Sun”

Check out Mike’s company “Heart of the Sun” to find out more about his services!


William is a scientist and professor at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is a very open-minded, eloquent and educated individual, having received his Doctors degree in Psychology at the University of Michigan. Today, he is an evolutionary psychologist and author of the book “The Social Leap”, which I recommend and which we talk about during the Podcast. His work has been featured in “The New York Times”, “USA Today”, “The Australian” and many other. I had a great time talking about all subjects that peaked my interest from his field of research, in a classic KWC, one hour-long Podcast. Enjoy!

00:15 – Bill’s background and introduction
01:05 – Introduction into “The Social Leap”, Bill’s amazing book
01:55 – What sparked the interest for Social Psychology in Bill’s case
04:00 – Not taking a risk with an unconventional career as an Social Psychologist
06:40 – What’s the stigma that makes Social Psychology different
09:10 – The process of Bill’s research
11:30 – Humans as hyper social beings
13:25 – The influence of genetically received characteristics on our social capabilities
17:25 – The evolution of culture through genetics
20:25 – Bill’s opinion on our potential as a society
23:00 – A potential push in the lower level of education towards psychology
26:55 – Talking about modern health problems due to the lack of psychological education
29:05 – Is anybody addressing our evolutionary shortcomings ?
31:30 – The mental health crisis
36:15 – The solutions for all of these problems
39:40 – Talking about a wide spectrum of IQ values in modern humanity
43:25 – Is there a way for people to see what their polygenic score is on different traits
47:10 – The cumulative culture of humans
50:05 – How are we able to communicate in all these different languages
52:30 – The transition from spoken language to written language
54:30 – The rise of emojis as a regression back to the written language
55:50 – The final word, on Bill’s book and where he can be found

We highly recommend Bill’s book The Social Leap click here to check it out!
Find Bill on Twitter @BillvonHippel or LinkedIn at WHP, to find out more about him and his work.


Trace is another colleague of mine who is employed by Sungrade Solar, and probably has the most fun job in our company (his words). He is very successful, open-minded and a one-man show in terms of everything digital that happens in our company. We had a great time talking about Cryptocurrencies, young people working in the present time, and automation of everything around us especially job-related, as well as his own Podcast. Enjoy!

00:15 – Introduction into Trace’s life, interests and career with Sungrade Solar
02:05 – Trace’s education experiences
04:10 – Trace’s interaction with te Crypto industry
09:25 – “Why are young people pretending to like work?”
17:15 – How does Trace manage to do his work and obligations, while constanlty changing locations
21:00 – Talking further about the attitude of young people working today, and UBI
32:00 – Talking about drivers being hit by the “self-driving” car revolution, automating jobs today
37:10 – The difference of low key working today versus in the past, people becoming artists
40:15 – Is this even the world we want to live in, talking about singularity
51:00 – Why Trace joined Sungrade Solar

Find Trace on Instagram at @traceinla to find out more about him!


Vineet is a very successful and charismatic person, originally from India but currently working here in California as a screenwriter, producer, editor, 2D and 3D animator. His projects include work with Stella Artois, Glamour Magazine, GQ Magazine, Yahoo, Christian Louboutin, Nine West, and he has written and directed the TV Series “Stitch” starring Michael Wright and Harry Lennix. He was very fun to talk to, and has a love for storytelling which he demonstrates during our interview many times. Enjoy!

00:15 – Vineet introduces himself and talks about his projects
03:30 – Vineets family, and him developping interest for working in the film industry
06:00 – Trying to make a career in India, versus making a career in California
08:20 – Vineets “education” and first job
12:55 – Talking about the insipration, needed to train your skills as an artist
17:30 – How to continue to understand the world around, while having different perspectives to create
19:25 – Daily activities
22:25 – What makes a powerful story, in terms of screen writing and writing in general
28:00 – Talking about the creative process, typing versus writing with a pen

Look for Vineet on Instagram at @vineet3000 and at to find out more!


Scooter is a very interesting, young, up-and-coming film director and writer, who is known for his work in “It’s in the Blood” (2012), “Elixir” (2015) – writer and “Hoaxed” (2019) – director. “Hoaxed” is a newly released documentary, which he co-directed with Jon du Toit, with the help of famous Mike Cernovich as Producer. It is easily one of the best documentaries I have seen in a really long time, which left a very hard impression after watching. Listen to us talk about the film, religion, and his young career and education, and of course watch it yourself. Enjoy!

00:50 – How did the Project “Hoaxed” start ?
02:20 – The idea of holding the Media accountable
04:50 – When did the Project begin
07:40 – Scooters perspective on Media before/after Hoaxed
09:10 – How Scooter and his colleagues formed the big and diverse crew of the film
11:35 – Scooters political opinions
16:00 – Talking about the book “Generations” and it’s message, different value systems
20:00 – What was the ultimate driving force for making the film
21:40 – The experience of working with his partner, co-director on the film
24:00 – Being “out of place” in terms of the Los Angeles film industry
26:50 – What was the budget of the film
29:45 – What makes the film high enough in terms of value, to share it with everybody
33:50 – Talking about religion, the importance of believing, and Scooters faith

Find Scooter on Twitter at @TrueLegendFilms and find out more!


It was an honor and privilege to do our weekly “open and relaxed” conversation with Andreas, who is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost Bitcoin and open Blockchain experts. We talk about Bitcoin in particular, it “not dying” and having more and more involvement in our society and life’s everyday activities. He is a true professional and a real expert in his field, someone we can all take notes from, delivering one of the longest and most electrifying KWC Podcast dialogues so far. Enjoy!

– 01:35 – How and when did Andreas hear about Bitcoin, and a basic introduction
– 01:35 – When and how did Andreas hear about Bitcoin, and a basic introduction
– 11:50 – Bitcoin delivering Crypto-currencies to the market first
– 14:50 – The need to stop Bitcoin transactions world-wide
– 16:40 – How can Bitcoin break-through barriers
– 21:55 – Anyone can get access to Bitcoin ?
– 23:50 – Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum
– 27:00 – The potential applications of similar technologies into business nowadays
– 32:45 – How to persuade people to adapt Bitcoin
– 43:25 – How the technology can be used in a democratic society and political activities
– 50:05 – How the corporations respond to the new technology
– 59:30 – Using Blockchain technologies in utilitarian activities and electricity/power
– 01:05:30 – Micro- and nano transactions and payments
– 01:10:00 – The importance of donations in the aforementioned concept
– 01:15:45 – Other areas which share the “contagious enthusiasm” with Crypto-currencies

You can find Mr. Andreas on YouTube and Twitter at @aantonop to widen your knowledge further more!


Kupah is a very talented and successful young individual, working primarily as a Celebrity DJ, with some his previous experiences involving events organised by the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Childrens Museum, AOL, Google, Expedia and even former president Bill Clinton. He also operates as a very well-known Dance/Fitness instructor and model, achieving the same level of success. A true source of positive energy, inspiration, and a great person to have a conversation with. Enjoy!

– 02:00 – Kupah and Patrick talking about Boston, Los Angeles and moving between cities at a young age
– 09:30 – Kupah talking about owning a DJ company in Boston and the evolution of his DJ career
– 16:30 – Kupah’s involvement in Fitness as his secondary interest and job, and if/how it impacts his primary job
– 20:40 – The importance of promoting and marketing your capabilities, and how Kupah achieved it
– 24:30 – What motivates Kupah to keep going and doing everything that makes him so special
– 30:40 – The pros and cons of working with – and involving Social Media into the daily job
– 45:30 – Patrick talking about his education experience, starting the KWC Podcast and the subject’s of the show
– 47:25 – “People are like a car in need of a battery”, and Podcast’s providing that energy for everyone
– 51:30 – What’s next for Kupah and what he’s looking to accomplish in the future

Find Kupah James on Instagram @kupahjames and find out more!


Juan is a four-time Emmy awarded filmmaker, best known for his documentaries 100,000, The Last Colony and his national music TV show: Té Para Tres con Pili Montilla. Juan’s continued commitment to the arts, entertainment and education has earned him a spot as one of today’s top Latino filmmakers, and we were very honored to have him on the show. Enjoy! 

– 01:45 – Juan engaging film making, making multi-awarded documentaries about dogs called 100,000, The Last Colony
– 17:50 – Juan’s engagement on YouTube on TEDx Talks, talking about “the Spiderman element”, own opinions in movies
– 24:45 – What Juan is working on right now, current projects
– 27:15 – Juan’s idols and influences from the film making space
– 32:35 – Biggest technological changes coming into the film making industry
– 37:55 – Advice on how and where to start now, if you want to be a filmmaker


As an award-winning director and acting coach for film and television in New York City and Berlin, Seamus serves actors at the top of their field in delivering some of their most convincing, nuanced work, often with very little time to prepare (Orange is the New Black, Vinyl, Alex Haley’s Roots and more). He is currently working at another acting school and directing a fascinating documentary about a tragic miscarriage of justice within the Spanish legal system. We’re sorry about the audio impurities that we had in this one. Enjoy!


Mike is a fellow colleague of mine who co-hosts two Podcasts at the moment, one being Bookworm with Joe Buhlig and The Free Agents with David Sparks. He is an author as well, his book “Thou Shalt Hustle” is an excellent example of what content he focuses on as a producer and reader. Definitely one of the best conversations we’ve had on KWC lately. Enjoy!


In this episode I interview Zain Jan! First of all, Zain is my friend and one of the first guest speakers to be featured on the KWC Podcast.
A lot has happened in the past 12 months since he was on the show.
We are focusing on communication in general, and how important it is for the success of everything, and everyone around us. Hope you agree. Enjoy!


In this episode I interview Dr. Andy Galpin. Andy has a Masters degree in Human Movement Sciences, and Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics. A professor of Kinesiology at the Center for Sport Performance at CSU, he is also the founder and director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Lab. In addition, he is the co-author of UNPLUGGED with Brian Mackenzie and Phil White, and co-hosts the Body of Knowledge podcast. Enjoy!


In this episode I interview Nathan Ogden! A very special individual, introduced to us through our mutual friend and former guest Devin Thorpe; Nathan truly represents perseverance. He has a unique life story to share with us, battling through the toughest of injuries and surviving, as a real hero of our time. Enjoy!


In this episode I interview Christopher Stare! The last one in our series of guests from the Libertarian party, he is a candidate for the California State Assembly representing District 51, running in the General elections on November 6.. He has a PhD in Cognition and Neural Systems from the University of Arizona, and has done research on the biological bases of learning, memory, and sleep. Enjoy!


In this episode I interview Honor (Mimi) Robson. She is a Civil Engineer, with the majority of her projects revolving around repairing and reinforcing commercial buildings, that have been damaged by earthquakes, fire, wind and severe weather. She is also the Chairman of the Libertarian Party and was running as a candidate for the 70th District State Assembly. Enjoy!